BackUp data from Time Machine and Drive Clone Utility


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BackUp and restore the data from Time Machine, iCloud and Dropbox. But Drive Clone Mac is the right utility to restore and backUp data.


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Back up data with Time Machine, iCloud and Drive Clone :

Back up data with Time Machine, iCloud and Drive Clone Drive Clone Mac

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Different ways to Back up data on Mac Time Machine Time Machine is a backup software application which stores all the system files, documents etc automatically. It creates incremental backups which can be further restored later. Also it is compatible with Mac, external and internal hard drives. iCloud Apple's iCloud is a cloud storage application which automatically stores all your content and keeps the email, contacts, calendars etc. up to date. Also it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Maintenance and storage of data is faster. Dropbox Dropbox provides a client software for Mac, Linux, Android for storing the data. Users could access the data through website or mobile phone accessories.

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How to set iCloud? Make sure the device is running iOS. If not, then attach the device to Mac and follow the guidelines in iTunes. Then from the Apple menu, select System Preferences. Click on iCloud in the Internet and Wireless section. Next is to sign up with the Apple ID and password. Enable iCloud services to share in the cloud as per your requirement Turn on photo option to share your pics and further open iTunes to download apps, books, documents etc .

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Set Time Machine backup Open System Preferences Select Time Machine option. In case Time Machine is off, set the slider to ON. Then click on 'Choose Backup Disk' option. Choose the hard drive and click on 'Use disk'. Time Machine will automatically update all the data on daily basis, hourly or weekly.

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How to backup data from Dropbox ? First go to Click on sign up with the necessary details. Choose ShareFolder option to share with certain people or simply create new Share Folder accordingly. Then load as many files using 'Upload' option. Finally choose as many files from the menu and upload it.

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Disadvantages of using all Dropbox can't upload more than 10 Gb of files. iCloud data can be accessed by unauthorized users and it is compatible only with iOS devices. iCloud incur additional cost in case you upload any purchased CD songs via iTunes. In Time Machine, if there is no space, then weekly backups are deleted without any notification. Size of backup drive in Time Machine should be larger than the boot volume. All these drawback generate the usage of a software which perfectly manages and fulfill the limitations.

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Don't forget to clone Mac drive Steps to clone Mac hard drive: At first, connect your external drive and open Disk Utility. Once opened, click on your drive in the sidebar, and then click on the Partition tab. Ensure that “ 1 Partition ” is selected from the drop-down menu labeled “ Partition Layout". Next, specify a name, and select “ Mac OS Extended (Journaled) ” from the Format drop-down menu. Finally, click on the Options button near the bottom of the window. In the new dialog, ensure that “ GUID Partition Table ” is selected, and then click the OK button. This setting will enable the disk to be booted from.

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Click the Apply button to apply the partition changes. After a few minutes, the drive will be reformatted, and the partition changes will be applied. Launch Clone Mac utility . In the Source drop-down menu, select your Mac ’ s hard drive, and in the Destination select your external drive that we just partitioned. Finally, click the Clone button. In case your Mac drives fails, simply plug you drive with the clone and boot your Mac while holding Option key. When you see the external drive show up in the list, click it and your Mac will boot into the external drive copy of Mac OS X.

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Advantages of Cloning Advantages of cloning are: Create the full back up, including the OS and installed applications. Clone works as a boon for larger hard drive. Using clone, you can easily restore the data of the old hard drive. Bootable DVD option is used in all cases of machine crashes. Clone can even image your hard drive which exclude bad sectors and unused file space on the drive.

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