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RC Connect-R™ Stamped Contactor Technology for Area Array Connector Applications Introducing the next generation of connector technology from Ardent Concepts. RC Connect-R™ is a logical leap forward in compression mount connector solutions for advanced applications. RC Connect-R™ is designed to fill the gap between expensive spring pin solutions and unreliable elastomeric contact sets. Capable of providing exceptional AC performance in a highly configurable design, RC Connect-R™ can be used for LGA or BGA applications, and is available in both compression mount and solder down configurations. The flexibility of RC Connect-R™ allows engineers to design reliable interfaces for thermal applications with an all-metal contact interface for optimal reliability. RC Connect-R™ can be used in applications down to .7mm pitch in area array, and is available in small volumes machined or large volumes molded.


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CONNECT-R ™ BGA Sockets LGA Interposers Board Stack Connectors Optical Engine Connectors High Performance Stamped Contact System for Molded Compression Connectors

Connect-R™ Stamped Contact Applications:

Connect-R™ Stamped Contact Applications

Connect-R™ Stamped Contact Specifications:

Scalability Bandwidth Connect-R™ Stamped Contact Specifications

Connect-R™ Universal Molded Contact Set:

50x50 universal blank Blank Modified for 35mmx35mm, 1156ld BGA Connect-R™ Universal Molded Contact Set 50mm x 50mm , 2500ld BGA/LGA Mold

Connect-R™ Automated Assembly Machine:

Connect-R™ Automated Assembly Machine

CR08-01 Cross Section for BGA & LGA:

CR08-01 Cross Section for BGA & LGA LGA Section Compression Mount BGA Section Compression Mount .05mm Contact Preload .25mm Working Travel Ball Cavities for Fine Alignment

Connect-R™ CR08-01 Contact Set :

Contacts On Carrier Actual contact Connect-R ™ CR08-01 Contact Set

Connect-R™ CR08-01 Mount Configurations:

SMT, Solder Down Mounting Compression Mounting Connect-R™ CR08-01 Mount Configurations

CR08-01 Von Mises Stress at .010” defl. :

CR08-01 Von Mises Stress at .010” defl .

CR08-01 Contact Top View:

CR08-01 Contact Top View

CR08-01 Force v. Resistance v. Displacement:

CR08-01 Force v. Resistance v. Displacement

CR08-01 FvRvD Over 1K Mechanical Cycles :

CR08-01 FvRvD Over 1K Mechanical Cycles

CR08-01 Current Carrying Capacity:

CR08-01 Current Carrying Capacity


CR08-01 Insertion Loss

CR08-01 Universal Socket System Footprint:

CR08-01 Universal Socket System Footprint

Patented Contact Set IP Catalog:

Patented Contact Set IP Catalog © Copyright 2010 Ardent Concepts, Inc. Patented Technology US Patent Numbers 6,787,709, 6,909,056, 7,126,062, 7,556,503. Other US & Foreign Patents Pending

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