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ScissorsPaperStone Salon - Fun and safe kids hair salon‎ where you will get a wide range of haircut styles and haircut services for your kids.


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SCISSORS PAPER STONE ‘ cos kids deserve fun

About Us:

About Us We at Scissors Paper Stone are a team of professionals who specialise in kids-oriented businesses and services, catering to children’s needs with much expertise and experience. Our focus is entirely on ensuring that kids get the most out of the activities we provide them, ‘ cos kids deserve fun! We aim to create a comprehensive experience for kids and parents alike – by combining grooming (Scissors), education & enrichment (Paper) and sports & fitness (Stone) services for kids into a hassle-free one-stop shop, eliminating the unnecessary trouble for parents to organise schedules and handle bills for their children’s activities separately. This way, kids can enjoy a wide variety of engaging and productive activities, and parents can enjoy some much-needed free time doing things they like! Hey, parents deserve fun, too!


Services The first haircut at a salon for any child can be a particularly stressful experience for both child and parent. However, at Scissors Paper Stone, we guarantee a worry-free haircut as the child is kept entertained with a wide variety of games and movies on the iPads available for use , or if your child is a little too young for that, an assortment of toys as well.

Get your child a sweet haircut at Scissors Paper Stone with these five easy steps… :

Get your child a sweet haircut at Scissors Paper Stone with these five easy steps…


Register on the ipad on the counter as a member (membership is free!) and collect your queue number . If you’re already a member, simply key in your contact number and collect your queue number


If your turn seems a long way from arriving , take your child shopping around for a bit – you will be notified via SMS when your child’s turn is coming soon. If not, there’s toy and picture books available in the salon for you to have some fun with your child!


When your child’s turn is next, head on back to the salon and let our professional hairstylists work their magic. Watch your child have a fun time too, either watching cartoons or playing games on the iPads provided by us! If your child is little too young for playing with an iPad, there is an assortment of toys available as well.


Once the haircut is done, we will take a photo of your child sporting the new hairstyle at the smile & Snap counter. The photo will be automatically uploaded to our database, and can only be accessed by you.


Make your payment on the iPad at the counter (your receipt will be recorded online) and we hope to see you again soon!




At Circle-of-Friends® we believe that children deserve products designed for their special hair and bath needs, as well as ones that challenge their active minds. To achieve this goal, we carefully craft each product, using only the highest quality ingredients, such as exotic botanical extracts, natural elements, and enchanting fragrances, and bottle these magical formulas in a playful "kid friendly" package. Circle of Friends® products are always safe and gentle, packed full of vitamins and proteins, and are never tested on animals!

Membership privileges :

Membership privileges


By being a member, all your payments will be recorded online. You won’t need to carry any old receipts or stamps with you all the time to redeem your free gifts or haircuts on subsequent visits!





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