Drug Target Identification


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Target identification using drug affinity responsive target stability (DARTS) technology to identify the required targets of small molecule drugs and compounds.


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Drug Target Identification

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About us DARTS Sciences provide unbiased proteins wide Drug Target Identification uses state-of-the-art proteomics and mass spectrometry technologies.

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Services ▸ DARTS Target Identification ▸ Drug Mechanisms of Action ▸ Drug Targeting ▸ Drug Side Effect Analysis ▸ Drug Target Identification ▸ Drug Repurposing Analysis

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Drug Target Identification Drug Target Identification and Mechanism of Action studies have important parts in the small-molecule probe and drug discovery. It is the process of identifying the direct molecular target of a small molecule. It is an important step in developing a new drug. 4

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“ ” DARTS Sciences uses the original Drug Affinity Responsive Target Stability DARTS technology to the method of identifying the direct molecular target of small molecule drugs and compounds. Darts Sciences

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You can find me at: targetdartssciences.com ANY QUESTIONS Thank you www.dartssciences.com

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