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El Salvador and the Cold War, 1960-1980:

El Salvador and the Cold War, 1960-1980 Alliance for Progress School of the Americas National Security Doctrine

Preventing “Another Cuba”:

Preventing “Another Cuba” US Policy towards Latin America Shifts “Our Backyard” Aid Military Development Alliance for Progress Annual increase of 2.5% in per capita income, Establishment of democratic governments, Elimination of adult illiteracy by 1970 Price stability, to avoid inflation or deflation More equitable income distribution, land reform, and Economic and social planning

Alliance for Progress II:

Alliance for Progress II Conditions For Aid Spend $$ on US Corp Most used to pay off debts 1973 Program Disbanded Seen as Failure Not Enough $$$ ($20 Billion) or US interest 13 Democracies Replaced by Military Dictatorships

School of the Americas:

School of the Americas Opens in 1963 in US-Held Canal Zone Taught Latin American Officers Doctrine of National Security Focus on Internal Threats Counter-Insurgency Military as Defense of the nation, free world, the family Must Stop the Communist Cancer from Infecting the Nation Military knows what is best Technocratic Economic Development Structural Adjustments Pay, Union-Busting, Political Opposition Order > Democracy

SOA Alumni: Roberto D'Aubuisson :

SOA Alumni: Roberto D'Aubuisson Graduated National Military Academy in 1963 Trained at the SOA in 1971 Joined Military Intelligence Used methods learned at the SOA to attack real and imagined leftists and rebels “Blowtorch Bob” Forced out in 1979 Organized right-wing death squads Became political leader (founded ARENA) party

Óscar Romero:

Óscar Romero Born in El Salvador, 1917 Studied, went to seminary El Salvador; then Rome in 1942 Returns home (1943) For 25+ years, ordinary priest Deemed conservative by most 1974: becomes bishop of poor diocese 1977: Archbishop of San Salvador

Óscar Romero, II :

Óscar Romero, II Context: Liberation Theology Bottom Up Concerned with social justice & inequality 1977, Best Friend (Jesuit) killed by death squad Romero publicly requests investigation, none comes Cancels ALL mass in El Salvador, holds single mass in San Salvador 1980 , Sermon: “I beseech you, I beg you, I order you, in the name of God, to stop the repression!“ Next day, assassinated at small chapel

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