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El Salvador: Context up to WWII:

El Salvador: Context up to WWII Similar to Guatemala? Large indigenous population: Pipil Late 19 th Century: Coffee exports dominated economy 14 families owned 90% of land Government existed to promote coffee interests La Matanza (1932) Faribundo Marti

1929-30: Economic Crisis:

1929-30: Economic Crisis Coffee Prices Plummet (90% of economy!) Weak President Coup, led by Maximiliano Hernández Martínez Sought to Restore Power & Prestige Rabid Anti-Communist Occultist? Healing power of lights, sun, water In power to 1944 "It is a greater crime to kill an ant than a man, for when a man dies he becomes reincarnated, while an ant dies forever.”

Farabundo Martí:

Farabundo Martí Student Marxist Leader (1920s) Member of Communist Party Exiled numerous times Meets international crowd and other anti-dictatorial leaders Sandino (Nicaragua) Joins international organizations

La Matanza:

La Matanza 1932—falling coffee prices & peasant unrest in the NW Small Communist believe the situation is ripe Army learns of plot Attacks kill ~20,000 (mostly Pipil) Indigenous people “disappear” Abandon customs, language, traje

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