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Smart cards offer a wide range of solutions to schools and colleges. School Smart Cards includes attendance management systems to track student's attendance . teacher parent communication app | schoolsmartcards http://schoolsmartcards.com/our-apps/


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Benefits and Features of Smart Card Management System People nowadays prefer online transactions and other payment options to make things  happen. Hence chances are high for exposure to various types of financial frauds. This  may result in financial losses. The ​smart card management system​ provides us highly  configurable and secure transactions. It helps to achieve trust and success from users.  A​ Smart Card Management System​ helps to effectively manage smart cards. This  system holds the capability to issue smart cards maintain the smart cards in use and  finally make the smart cards out of use. It is generally implemented as software  applications.  Working of Smart Card Management System  The ​smart card management system i​s generally executed as software applications.  The software application is usually utilized in the form of a server application that can  be accessed from different client systems if the system needs to be available to more  than one operator or user.  The main responsibility of the system is to take a smart card from one state to another.  All these processes of changing state are named differently by a different ​smart card  management system​. The multiple synchronized system is an alternative approach to  this.

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Some of most of the widely used names of the processes are listed below:  ● Issue- issuing or personalizing the smart card for a smart card holder  ● Register- adding a smart card to the system  ● Unregister- removing a smart card from the system  ● Delete- Permanently remove a smart card from the system  ● Lock or Block- smart cardholder will not have access to the smart card  ● Unlock- access to the smart card is re-enabled for the smart card holder  ● Restore- restore smart card certificates and selected keys  ● Revoke- credentials on the smart card are made invalid  ● Retire- disconnecting the smart card from the smart card holder  ● Activate- reactivating smart card from the deactivated state  ● Deactivate- putting the smart card on hold in the backend system  ● Initiate- activating the smart card for first use by the smart card holder  ● Backup- backup smart card certificates and selected keys

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Features of the Card Management System  ● Complete card application and parameter management  ● Easy integration with external interfaces  ● Supports all chip Operating systems  ● Instant issuance  ● Limits costly card replacement  ● Able to market new products and applications quickly  ● Complete control over card features and flexibility  ● Freedom of application choice  ● User-friendly control of downloadable profiles and card file format  ● Highly configurable and secure system  ● Assists in real-time tracking  ● Low data usage or internet usage  ● Strong identity verification  Benefits of Smart Card Management System  ● Integration with fraud and risk management  ● Helps in vendor registration  ● Key management with certificate generation  ● Limits fraud on combined data  ● Helps to get extensive MIS reports regarding smart card usage  ● Effective management of lost cards deletion of cards and modification of  information on cards  ● Efficient sourcing of smart cards whether it is a contact or contactless  ● Provide secure network access credentials  ● Feasible for every small transaction

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The​ smart card management system​ is a flexible and powerful management tool that  creates an electronic cash environment that eliminates the handling and accounting for  coins. The security of the card management system has been often higher as smart  cards are a kind of security token for confirming a smart cardholder.  Smart cards are working on the basis of two-factor identification using cards require  bank card and Personal Identification Number. Smart card technology enables greater  flexibility in controlling pricing functions.    Also with the introduction of smart cards fraud leading to cost savings and increased  security of transactions is limited using mechanisms such as Encryption ​Purging​  Financial Risk Management​ and Key Management.

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