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……A new revolution in the after school academics

Current Scenario:

Current Scenario STUDENT Peer Pressure CONFUSED & OVERBURDENED STUDENTS + WORRIED / TENSED PARENTS Need of the hour ……….

A Neighbourhood Tuition Centre:

A Neighbourhood Tuition Centre A Collaborative Learning Hub after the school… Beyond the school… where school stops… Parents explore the right academic support over & above the normal schooling for better grooming of their wards to ensure a bright future Need of the hour – A one stop learning hub that enables the students to invent & establish their innate talent & academic base and thus able to score high in their exams A learning environment conceptualized by an excellent pool of talented professionals from the field of education & strategic management The launch pad ….

The Scholars’ Hub …tutoring Gen-Next:

The Scholars’ Hub …tutoring Gen-Next At The Scholars’ Hub We facilitate the students to unlock their potentials and enable them to master required academic skills through effective learning programmes Our tutees are inculcated with inspiration, motivation & competitive spirit enabling them to compete, aspire & emerge as the brightest We believe that everyone learns as long as they are taught the way they understand We take away the regular worries & tensions of the parents We guide the way your child learns Our primary aim is to enable the tutees to perform better by SCORING HIGH

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Vision To empower, enthuse & encourage the tutees’ intellectual strength and competitive ability by fostering his/her academic excellence through collaborative after school learning programmes & strategies. Mission To create and establish a chain of tutoring hubs to develop & instill the required academic skills, attitude by imparting student focused learning programmes enabling them to score high in their respective examinations.

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Objectives To promote & inculcate the quest for success in the tutees. To strengthen the tutee’s subject foundation through concept clarity. To Cater & harness a comprehensive student focused learning environment to develop long lasting learning attitude and overall academic excellence in the tutees. To enable the tutees to acquire better concentration, focused attention and improved confidence to score high in their respective examinations. To partner with the parents in their child’s voyage to an elegant career resulting in overall development of the Nation.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Philosophy ‘ There is a brilliant child locked inside every student ’ by Marva Collins We, at The Scholars’ Hub believe that every child has intrinsic potential to excel. We facilitate each child to unlock their potential, develop their confidence and achieve academic excellence. The core component of our strategic teaching and learning programmes is disseminated in a process that enables the child to develop love for learning; to groom his/her learning skills and competitive abilities thereby eliminating the fear of study and exam-phobia and to consequently build the necessary foundation of self confidence to be a successful citizen .

Learning Programme:

Learning Programme Boards CBSE: Is considered to be the future board of the country. ICSE: Considered to be a premium national board STATE: Few good English medium schools having record student numbers are affiliated to State Boards. In view of the proposed National Curriculum Framework, in due course of time all states will follow a common board

Basic Segments & Subjects:

Basic Segments & Subjects Classes Subjects

Study Packages:

Study Packages ICSE CURRICULUM CBSE CURRICULUM As a batch planning strategy it is recommended that subjects like Social Studies /History & Civics/Geography must be accommodated during the lean hours of the day and major subjects like Maths/Phy/Chem/Bio/Eng must be accommodated during the peak hours

Percentage Time Distribution on Any Topic:

Percentage Time Distribution on Any Topic Our classroom program for any subject distributes time as per requirement for all its essential components like ~ Regular Revision ~ Subject Lecture ~ Doubt Clearance ~ Periodic Tests ~ Discussion on Tests

The Integrated Assessment Program:

The Integrated Assessment Program Ongoing Progress Monitoring: Periodic Tests over even fragments of a chapter taught Discussion session on each test with ~ Ideal Model Answers (IMA) to enable the students understand what should be an ideal answer ~ Marking Scheme (MS) to help the student understand the technique to fetch maximum marks Mock test at the end of the course - subject-wise, class-wise, board-wise Objectives: To help the child practise repeatedly and thus eliminate exam phobia To render special support by experts to the students falling behind To enable the students to perform better by scoring high

State-of-the-art Study Material:

State-of-the-art Study Material A complete content that informs, explains and prepares for the exams An outstanding content Oriented Scientifically Concept building explanations Self explanatory diagrams Graphical Representation High-end analytical derivations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with best-fit answers following marking scheme Some More Important Questions (SMIQs) with best-fit answers following marking scheme

State-of-the-art Study Material:

State-of-the-art Study Material Frequently Asked Numerical Questions (FANQs) – for Phy, Chem: In light of past years class / board question papers with best -fit solutions following the marking schemes Some More Important Numerical Problems (SMINPs) – for Phy, Chem. Points to remember: Gist of the module in some important points Class & Home Exercises: at the end of each module Self Assessment: to gauge one’s grasp on the chapter

Scholars at The Scholars’ Hub:

Scholars at The Scholars’ Hub Rejuvenating Infrastructure Well researched Skill Developing Learning Programmes State – of – the - art Faculty Training & Orientation Program Quality Assurance Mechanisms Regular & Responsive Progress Monitoring Reputed Teachers – the Ambassadors of Learning Outdoor Personality Development Workshops Get

Resulting to…:

Resulting to… Advantage Students Confidence Motivation Efficient Time Management Well Prepared Overcome Exam phobia Academic Excellence Advantage Parents Relaxed Contented … Happiness Everywhere

The Scholars Hub:

The Scholars Hub Its where your success is……

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