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E-Sponsibility By: Kayla Schiermeister :

E- Sponsibility By : Kayla Schiermeister

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How do teachers online lives conflict with their classrooms?

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Questionable online actions by teacher could be…… Negative posting on social net workings Inappropriate behavior Misuse of technology

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Negative postings on social networking sites pose as a bad influence

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Professionalism vs. personal

Misuse of technology:

Misuse of technology The use of any technology in an irresponsible way that is known to be wrong

Ethical responsibility :

Ethical responsibility

What is the moral maturity of chatting on a social network site?:

What is the moral maturity of chatting on a social network site?

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Negative influences! Teachers need to know that their actions are setting students up for similar actions

What does all of this teach our students?:

What does all of this teach our students?

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T o many rule for educators?


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