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Welcome! Mission Statement Company Goals North Region South Region


History ECI, Inc. was founded in 1977. Based in Tiffin, Ohio


ECI, Inc. CORPORATE OFFICE Located in Tiffin, Ohio

ECI, Inc. North Region:

ECI, Inc. North Region ICF/MR: I/O Waiver Services: Day Array Services

ECI, Inc. north region:

ECI, Inc. north region ICF/MR Services Provides opportunities for learning, growth, and independence through active treatment. Active treatment focuses on teaching and building skills in all areas of a persons life. individuals Individuals

ICF/MR Supports and Services:

ICF/MR Supports and Services Speech Therapy Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Music/Sensory Therapy Specialized Supports Nursing, Medical, Behavior Support, Nutrition

ECI, Inc.:

ECI, Inc. Day Array Services Builds daily living skills and encourages community inclusion Recreational Rehabilitation Nursing, Medical, Behavior Supports, Nutrition services provided

ECI, Inc.:

ECI, Inc. Medicaid Waiver Services I/O Waiver, Level 1 Waiver Medicaid Waivers allow people to stay in their homes instead of requiring them to live in an ICR/MR North Region South Region

Services available :

Services available Homemaker/Personal Care Home modifications Transportation Respite Care Social Work Nutrition Specialized adaptive or assistive medical Equipment and Supplies Supported Employment

Eci, inc. company Philosophy:

Eci, inc. company Philosophy The philosophy of ECI is based on the fact that every person is unique; and that as a human being, each individual is entitled to: Dignity Respect Consideration Choices Growth The opportunity to lead as full and satisfying a life as possible

Eci, inc. Purpose and goals:

Eci, inc. Purpose and goals We strive to enhance the lives of the people we support through well trained, qualified employees. Our goals are: To promote continued growth and development of each individual being served; To help each individual achieve and maintain the skills necessary to become contributing members of the community.


Values ECI, Inc. shall be guided by the following values in the delivery of services and supports: Each individual has the capacity for growth and development Each individual shall have access to supports, services and opportunities that maximize achievement of their goals, well being, quality of live, autonomy, independence, productivity, and opportunities for social interactions with others

Values (cont.):

Values (cont.) Each individual shall have access to the most culturally appropriate and least restrictive social and physical environments which are consistent with each person’s needs and/or desires and present the person as a valued member of society Each individual shall be supported to identify, develop, explore and achieve their personal outcomes

Values (cont.):

Values (cont.) All support and services shall be developed to encourage individual empowerment. The services shall include opportunities for choices and decision making utilizing the person’s abilities to the fullest. All supports shall utilize positive approaches and promote dignity and respect. Each individual shall have opportunities for self-direction and empowerment, including making informed choices regarding where they live, service they receive, with whom they associate, and in which opportunities they choose to participate.

Values (cont.):

Values (cont.) Each individual shall live in an environment that is safe, clean, pleasant, and attractive. Individuals shall be supported and encouraged to utilize their environments and resources to the fullest potential. Each individual’s rights shall be respected and protected. Individuals shall be supported in exercising their human and civil rights to the best of their ability.

Values (cont.):

Values (cont.) The highest standards of support shall be sought in the delivery of services. Families, communities, and service delivery systems shall be considered in supporting individuals to maximize community inclusion and utilization of community resources.

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture Personal Goals People choose personal goals…people realize personal goals Choice People choose where and with whom they live…people choose where they work…people decide how to use their free time…people choose services…people choose their daily routine

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture Social Inclusion People participate in the life of their community…people interact with other members of the community…people perform different social roles Relationships People have friends…people remain connected to natural support networks…people have intimate relationships

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture Rights People exercise their rights…people are afforded due process if rights are limited…people are free from abuse and neglect Dignity and Respect People are respected…people have time, space, and opportunity for privacy…people have and keep personal possessions…people decide when so share personal information

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture Health People have health care services…people have the best possible health Environment People are save…people use their environment

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture Security People have economic resources…people have insurance to protect their resources…people experience continuity and security Satisfaction People are satisfied with services…people are satisfied with their personal life situations

Quality is never an accident:

Quality is never an accident It is the result of: High intention Sincere effort Intelligent direction Skillful execution It represents the wise choice of many alternatives William A. Foster

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