How to Fix sound issue on your Roku

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Roku streaming media player is always known for its best Dolby sound quality provided on TV when streaming channels like Hulu, Amazon prime video, and Netflix from it. Most customers prefer to buy this device because of its astounding features and best quality sound output. However, some existing Roku 4 users are facing the sound issue on their device. They have not been able to enjoy Dolby digital sound on their Roku device.


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How to Fix sound issue on your Roku device? :

How to Fix sound issue on your Roku device? Call TOLL FREE +1-855-293-0942

Roku com support – About us:

Roku com support – About us We assist our customers in getting the best  Roku setup ,  Roku activation link code  service and other Roku services through our in-depth knowledge and significant experience. We are prompt and concise with our technical support, so that customers don’t have to spend hours and hours sorting the issues that befall their Roku devices.


Introduction Some of the annoyed users have even posted their complaint on the Roku support link but they have not received satisfactory replies from the support team till yetIf you are also the one, who is facing the same problem on your Roku device, then your wait to get the proper solution to this problem is over. Today, in this blog post we are going to explain the solution to your problem. You must read this blog post carefully.

Roku 4 Dolby Digital sound:

Roku 4 Dolby Digital sound Some users have reported that their Roku 4 Dolby digital sound is not working efficiently with the popular channels like Netflix and Hulu. They also mentioned that they have brought this device at home just to enjoy the best surround sound through it but when they experienced its clutter sound, then it totally disheartened them.

Latest Reports : Roku Update:

Latest Reports : Roku Update Latest reports from the Roku Company revealed that the company is soon going to launch a small update for Roku device on Roku com link , which seems to have fixed this problem that has been faced by Roku 4 users worldwide. With this update, the user can experience surround sound with apps like Netflix and Hulu. The same issue was earlier reported on fire TV and other streaming devices even and was successfully fixed with the sound update.

Similar issue with Fire TV:

Similar issue with Fire TV The same issue was earlier reported on fire TV and other streaming devices even and was successfully fixed with the sound update. Similarly, the update available on www Roku com link is going to help the Roku customers as well. In case, the update will not receive on your device automatically, you can update the device OS manually then

Update Roku OS Manually:

Update Roku OS Manually Simply go to device settings and tap on ‘system information’ Select the update icon from the list of menus inside ‘system information’ link If you want to update any app on Roku 4 player, then you can do the same from ‘settings’ option. Sometimes, the update for some models is rolled out first and later for others. In such cases, you need to wait for a while For all the manual settings, you require a Roku remote, If Roku remote not working , then you won’t be able to update your device manually. So, your remote must function properly before starting the updating process.

Doubts regarding OS update:

Doubts regarding OS update If you facing any other problem other than sound, then it is not sure, are whether this update will fix other bugs or not because no information about this has been revealed by the company. Roku sound issue was the biggest defect that has been fixed by the company on a priority basis. Yes, if you are still encountering any sound issue in your Roku 4 device, then you can take Roku help from the official Roku 4 website.

Hardware problems:

Hardware problems You can also head on to the Roku store from where you have purchased your Roku device if you find that the problem is within the hardware only. If are able to get success after reading this blog post, then do share your experience with us on this blog post. We will be happy to hear your experience on it and try to provide best in near future. You can also troubleshoot other Roku models through our previous and come up blog posts. If still having any problem, then stay in touch with the official Roku link .

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Got any queries ? Contact us For further information and Roku help Call Toll Free ++1-855-293-0942

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