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Nagpal thread factory is among quality cable ties suppliers in Delhi which delivers variety of products as per needs to achieve client satisfaction.


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Cable Ties: An Efficient F astener Manufactured by Nagpal Thread Factory Cable tie manufacturer in I ndia

What it is:

What it is A Cable tie is best known for holding cables and wires as to keep them safe and away from bending, moisture and any kind of disintegration.


Design This device possesses a tape section with a triangular teeth, which organize the cables to keep them secure from any kind of damage .

Physical Structure:

Physical Structure With a self locking device, cable ties is resistant to chemicals, gamma and UV radiation, with excellent abrasion resistance. High dimension stability and melting point makes it a good choice for industrial products.


Composition It is a polyamide which contains 12 carbon atoms, which creates chemical strings with a long molecular chain and more hydrogen bonds. It is an amorphous solid with elastic property, tough to dye as being colorfast and less susceptible.

Important Factors to be Considered:

Important Factors to be Considered Design- The design must be ensured to match the requirements of different applications . Strength- tensile strength must also be noticed. Environment- the environment in which it has to be used must also noticed.

Types of Cable Ties:

Types of C able Ties Nylon Ties Plastic ties Stainless Steel ties UV Protected ties Fiber Optic ties Releasable cable ties

What we are:

What we are We are, Nagpal thread factory, a quality cable ties suppliers in India with over 40 years of experience, which offer products in multiple color and sizes.

Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance We assures quality at each level of manufacturing process, by meeting physical, chemical & microbiological criteria so as to deliver flawless performance.

Contact us:

Contact us 465A, BARTAN MARKET, SADAR BAZAR NEW DELHI-110006 Website -

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