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Most of the top product companies are seeking software engineers with industry-specific skills. Through Scaler Academy, we've always envisioned of giving back to the coding community by constantly thriving to help software engineers revamp their coding skills and giving them an opportunity to prove themselves at top companies. Dare to dream. We have got your back!


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Indias First Job-driven Online Tech-versity SCALER ACADEMY

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Most of the top product companies are seeking software engineers with industry-specific skills. While Software engineers are being churned out aggressively in the Indian market they significantly lack the coding skills required to excel at top companies. Scaler Academy conducts a 6-month learning program in several batches to help software engineers revamp their coding skills and have the opportunity to prove themselves at top companies. WHY SCALER ACADEMY LEARN MORE

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Scaler Academy Entrance test is not just a good metric to assess students but also a deciding factor on how much effort needs to be put in from our side as well to give you the best mentorship and experience throughout your journey with us. Heres a comprehensive guide covering topics that are of great importance and preparation tips on how to nail the test. HOW DO I PREPARE FOR SCALER ACADEMY ENTRANCE TEST LEARN MORE

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It is going to be an year since March 2019 when I had received a mail from Anshuman Singh announcing the first batch and me being ecstatic after seeing the course content and the opportunities it can open for me. While opportunities were one of the major factors of me while joining the very first batch of the course with time I came to realise the importance of the concepts they discuss in the coursework and the community they have built around it. Getting to learn System Design topics from people having worked at top companies that face a large scale getting to learn algorithms from people who have been at ICPC World Finals is an altogether different experience. The guest lectures and mentorship by people at top positions at companies like Google itself provides a clear idea of how to build a great career. Naman Bhalla : From Tier 3 College to Google READ MORE

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Back in March 2019 I received an email about the Scaler Academy IB Academy. I immediately felt that I should be a part of and it proved to be the turning point of my career. I was referred to so many companies that I stopped being afraid of interviews. Midway through the program I got referred and accepted an offer from Mindtickle. Scaler Academy has played a big role in my pursuit of becoming a 10x engineer. Aditya Nihal Kumar Singh: How I Bagged An Offer From MindTickle READ MORE

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One of my eureka moments was during a System design class by Anshuman Sir where he taught us how to build Intuition to prove a solution correct. This is a trait missing even in top coders. Problems like finding the bicycle or Sword passing taught us how to build a program from scratch. This has honestly been such a gamechanger on how I approach a problem even if I dont know all the data structures Kumar Saurav: My Journey From Scaler Academy to Lido Learning READ MORE

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They have put a solid base foundation required for software development jobs the basic algorithms and data structure. Speaking of opportunities they are providing referrals. You just need to follow the criteria solve 75 of the problems. They have given me a sense of freedom I am confident about securing high-paying jobs.  Im from a tier 3 college and the companies which visited our college were mainly service based companies. So we dont have that much exposure of top product based companies. Scaler Academy gave me the right kind of start that is required to start your career. Im very thankful for my mentor Harsh Dalal. He has solved many of my queries. I just have to ask him about his availability and hell do the required mentoring and guiding. Scaler Academy is revolutionizing the technical education space and actually creating an impact on students life. Scaler Academy Is Revolutionizing The Technical Education Space: Nikhil Dalvi READ MORE

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I am a Tier 3 graduate and a Scaler mentee. After taking advice from my close friend I decided to join Scaler Academy. No matter how skilled you are the course curriculum is designed in such a way that it will not be easy and there will be way more things to learn then you already know. People teaching you are either world class competitive programmer or have cracked interviews in companies which take world class hard interviews. They teach from very basics. For almost every topic we have 2 classes one is basics and other is advanced. To grasp fully what these high end tutors are teaching you need to have some algorithmic implementation skills and that’s why entrance tests are designed in such a way. At the end of 6 months you will be having multiple referrals and you will be busy brushing up your DSA again for your upcoming interviews. Ved Sinha: My Honest Review About Scaler Academy READ MORE

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Its time to believe in yourself IT’S TIME TO BE A SCALER WATCH F o l l o w u s s c a l e r a c a d e m y

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