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Must Haves…:

Must Haves… Clearly connect with the introduction and body of paper. Sum up your ideas, but do not simply repeat what has been said before . Give a sense of completion. Give the reader something to think about. Answer the question: So what?

Four Strategies to Respond to the “So What?”:

Four Strategies to Respond to the “So What?” Call to Action: the writer implores the audience to change. Offer a Solution: the writer suggests some possibilities to resolve the problem posed. Make a Prediction: similar to a startling statement, this is a warning or an encouragement. Ask: Use a rhetorical question. A rhetorical question leaves the reader with a problem , dilemma, or important idea to “take away” from the essay.

Call to Action :

Call to Action Involve the reader. "Now that we have seen how exceptions to the rule of law have devastated families, and undermined our social order, we can contact our representatives and let them know we insist on justice."

Offer a Solution:

Offer a Solution Propose a possible answer. “Therefore, mandatory homework in every class would be meaningless. Instead, teachers should assign homework on an individual basis. This solution would provide students with needed practice, without needless busywork for students, and endless grading for teachers.”

Make a Prediction:

Make a Prediction Express your hopes as you look to the future. "When people in our society become better informed about the consequences of these flawed laws, they will be persuaded that we can do better."  Or "When people remember who we are and what we stand for, they will refuse to be complicit in murder by proxy."


Ask Make them think and let your argument linger. "Why do we continue to ignore the discrimination, injustice, and fatal consequences of the death penalty, when all other western-industrialized democracies have embraced a more civil and just solution?  The execution of prisoners who pose no threat to society, contradicts our most basic values and traditions. ”

Tips for Keeping Your Audience Awake:

Tips for Keeping Your Audience Awake Do not begin your conclusion with clichéd phrases such as these: in conclusion to summarize I conclude by and so we see that Do not simply restate your thesis. Do not bring up a new idea! This may keep your audience awake, but it will also confuse them.

Let’s Do This!:

Let’s Do This! The Grand Finale

PowerPoint Presentation:

Go It Alone Revise & Rewrite Read the ACT Writing Prompt Read the Essay Response Choose a Strategy Create a Conclusion Finish early? Grab an editing partner! Trade conclusions and use the checklists to give feedback. Review the three conclusions. On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions in complete sentences: Is this conclusion effective? Why or why not? Does it meet all of the requirements on the checklist? Why or why not? Does the writer use one of the main strategies discussed in class? If so, which one ? Finish early? Rewrite one of the conclusions using a suggested strategy.


3-2-1 Three things your learned. Two things you have questions on. One thing you want to say about today!

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