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Cajun Music:

Cajun Music Sydney Bautista Wednesday, February 16 , 2011 7 th Grade ELA/Mrs. Robertson 4-5 th hr

Cajun Music:

Cajun music was born in the deep bayous of the Big Easy. Cajun music started in the early 18 th century , but this epic music was at its peak during WW2. This described and told many things . Cajun Music

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Pain and heartaches are normally expressed through Cajun music. Love and loneliness it to uses for Cajun dancing. Like the waltz, two step , polka , and square dancing. Creole people mostly held parties at there house on Saturday night. Parents would put there children to bed and join the party that was being held in there living room.

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Cajun music is broken French , and was mostly song in French until the end were the musicians would play the last verse. The music had a high pitch shout ,or a “ah yi-yi .” The usual instrument for Cajun music was the fiddle and sometimes the harmonica. At one time Cajun music was at its peak.

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Cajun music was at the top during WW2. During this time there was more heartaches, pain , and struggle. Cajun music was thought of as the music that tried to join races in the early 18 th century , which was around segregation. Now its played in New Orleans and is slowly putting Louisiana on the map for its epic sound.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The paper was about the great sound of Cajun music , and how it was born in the Big Easy. It tells how people and the music was connected through the feelings they put into it. This is the music of Louisiana.


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Cajun Music:

Thesis Statement: Cajun music was born in the deep bayous of the Big Easy. I. Originated II. Where did it come from? A. Acadians put this great sound together B. It was born in New Orleans III. When did it get big? A. During WW2 B. During segregation IV. What does this music describe? A. Heartaches and pain B. Dances V. The music of Louisiana! Cajun Music


Reflection I learned that Cajun music was born in new Orleans. Acadians and Creole people are the founding fathers of this music. Its not just this fun music that can get and dance to , music that has meaning to people life.

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