21 Reasons to hire me

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21 REASONS TO HIRE ME (in 150 words!)

1. My degree in English from Loughborough University:

1. My degree in English from Loughborough University MEANS...

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2. I have exposure to advertising and consumer behaviour 3. Good presentation skills 4. Experience writing reports and analysis

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5. I volunteered as Features Editor for the media society at university GIVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO....

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6. Demonstrate responsibility 7. Interact with the community BY 8.Taking initiative in organising a number of charity events.... 9. Negotiating with PR and record companies 10. Bringing out my imaginative and creative attributes

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11. My ambition and drive has gained me a multitude of work experience, giving me... 12. Commercial and Industry awareness . MEANING...

I am knowledgeable about...:

I am knowledgeable about... 13. B2B Interaction 14. Sales process and psychology 15. Client Relations 16. Planning and executing marketing campaigns

17. A good communicator:

17. A good communicator @ barnards

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18. I’m original with a good sense of humour so I’ll bring.... 19. Fun to the workplace

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20. I’m not afraid to get stuck in! Me in a phone box.

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21. Because I’m worth it. L’oreal 1967

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