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Twitter Allows You To Listen Louder SavvyBizBuilder SavvyBizBuilder

PowerPoint Presentation: SavvyBizBuilder SavvyBizBuilder I love it when I send a tweet about a product or service and the business tweets me back. Last week I sent this tweet : “ @ HaierAmerica where can I find a list of remote codes? Will the model# HLT71 work with Fios ?” To my surprise within a few hours not only did @ HaierAmerica respond so did @ VerizonSupport with the exact information I needed . WOW how cool is that; the mere mention of “ Fios ” prompted a response from their support team. I thought, even though the tweet was not directly sent to Verizon, they heard me discussing their product.

PowerPoint Presentation: SavvyBizBuilder SavvyBizBuilder That was until yesterday, when I read the article “Listen Up” by Judy Franks who said “Hearing and listening are two very different things, listening takes extra effort. We may passively hear, but we actively listen.” She is so right! They didn’t hear me, Verizon was listening. They were listening too Two days after the devastating earthquake in Haiti Twitter went crazy with tweets stating AmericanAirlines and @JetBlue were offering free trips for doctors and nurses to help with relief efforts.

PowerPoint Presentation: SavvyBizBuilder SavvyBizBuilder Many entrepreneurs and small business owners still think social media is a fad, but look around it’s here to stay. It doesn’t matter if a business owner is participating in the conversations on Twitter or other social media tools like Facebook people are talking about their products. Those people are driving the perception of their brand whether they like it or not . The question is do entrepreneurs and small business hear them, or, are they listening ? In my opinion it would benefit most entrepreneurs and small businesses to at least understand how to use Twitter for business at least as a tool to listen to industry trends and hear what people are saying about their brand.

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PowerPoint Presentation: SavvyBizBuilder SavvyBizBuilder For more Savvy Online Business Building Tips Visit 2010/01/twitter-allows-you-to-listen-louder.html

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