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Print Media Product Training :

Print Media Product Training By Vivek Pathak Manish Srivastava & Gaurav Kashyap

Concepts of a Newspaper Ad:

Concepts of a Newspaper Ad


Dimensions Size of a Newspaper is measured in square centimeters, (Width X Height). Some standards ad sizes are as follows: Full page = 33 W X 52 H ( sq cm ) Half page = 33 W X 25 H ( sq cm ) Quarter page = 16 W X 25 H ( sq cm )

Difference between Column cm & Square cm :

Difference between Column cm & Square cm In general , a news paper consists of 8 columns. Width = 8 columns = 33 cm 1 column = 4 cm Let us take an example of SBI & Priya Gold shown in the sample Width = 3 columns = 12 cm Height = 20 cm Size of the ad = 3 X 20 = 60 column cm (cc) = 12 X 20 = 240 square cm ( sq cm )

Meaning of Edition:

Meaning of Edition Editions refers to the name of the cities ( CITY ) where the press of a particular publication is located. The copies published from a particular edition are distributed to that particular city as well as to the near by areas ( termed as ‘UPCOUNTRY’) keeping in mind the local news of each area. CITY + UPCOUNTRY = RUN OF PAPER ( ROP )

No. of Insertions:

No. of Insertions An advertisement in multiple editions does not mean multiple insertions. For example: HDFC ad published in Lucknow & Kanpur on 20 th ,24 th ,27 th Nov.’2011. No. of editions = 2 No. of insertions = Dates of publication = 3


RATES Rates for a advertisement is measured in Rs. per square cm. For example: Rate of Dainik Jagran Lucknow is Rs. 1043 per sq cm. for colour ad and Rs. 810 per sq cm. for B/W ad. Suppose size of a colour ad is 240 sq cm. Gross amount = 1043 X 240 = Rs. 2,50,320/- Agency Commission = 15% Net Amount payable to Publication = Rs. 2,12,772 /-


PACKAGE RATE Package rate is the flat rate for a half page or a full page advertisement negotiated with the publication on the basis of a certain business commitment, say 20 / 30 / 50 Lacs irrespective of the general rate of Rs. / sq cm. For example : Dr. M.C. Saxena College Lucknow Edition Full page = Rs. 1,50,000/- Half page = Rs. 90,000/-


PREMIUM / LOADINGS Premium / loadings refers to the amount charged by the publication for a particular ad page confirmation, say Front page / 2 nd / 3 rd /5 th & Back page. For example : Dainik Jagran rate for Lucknow edition inside page is Rs. 1043 / sq cm. for colour ad, the rate for front page will be:- Front Page Premium = 100% Front Page Rate = Rs. 2086 / sq cm.

Types of Advertisement:

Types of Advertisement Display Ad Minimum size* = 4cm x 5cm Maximum size for inside page = 33 X 52 Maximum size for front page = 33 X 44 * Minimum size required for a front page ad varies in different publications .

Types of Advertisement:

Types of Advertisement 2. Classified Display Minimum size* = 3 x 4 or 3 x 5 Maximum size varies in different publication . Classified Run On Line ( ROL ) b) Run On Word ( ROW )

Types of Display Advertisement:

Types of Display Advertisement Strip Ad : for example, LIC 33 X 5 sq cm. 2. Pointer Ad : for example , Kesh King 4 X 5 sq cm.

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3. Front Page Solus ( FPS ) : Only ad on a front page is termed as FPS .

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4. Front Page Semi Solus ( FPSS ) : More than one ad on a front page is termed as FPSS .

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5. Jacket : Front page & front inside page or back page comprising of advertisements of full page , half page or quarter page without any news. Front Page Front Inside Page

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5 (A) Jacket Ad Sizes: Jacket Front Page Jacket Front Inside Page * Full Page 33 x 44 33 x 52 Half Page 33 x 22 33 x 25 Quarter Page 16 x 22 16 x 25 *Same as that of any inside page

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6. Innovation Ads :

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Volkswagen delivered a distinct advertisement campaign in Times of India in the Indian newspaper History to promote their model, Vento Sedan. A black audio device, pasted on the left side of the page, starts playing the audio advertisement automatically when a reader turns a page to see the advertisement . It turns off immediately as the reader folds the newspaper. This ground breaking campaign was seen for the first time in India . Talking Advertisement – A milestone in innovation


CIRCULATION Circulation refers to the no. of copies sold plus subscribed in a particular city, edition, region, state or national level ( PAN India ). The circulation figures are released by Audit Bureau of Circulations ( ABC ). The ABC founded in 1948 is a not for profit, voluntary organisation consisting of Publishers, Advertisers and Advertising Agencies. It has done pioneering work in developing audit procedures to verify the circulation data published by those newspapers and periodicals which have earned the right to display its emblem.

Indian Readership Survey ( IRS ):

Indian Readership Survey ( IRS ) IRS (Indian Readership Survey) is the largest continuous study of the world with a sample size of more than 250,000 households across India. It has been providing invaluable information to the media and marketing fraternity since 1997. IRS is conducted by MRUC (Media Research Users Council) and Hansa Research. MRUC is a ‘not for profit’ organization constituted by advertisers, ad agencies and media owners. Hansa Research is the fastest growing market research agency with successful track record of media studies. To ensure that the research findings give you the whole picture, MRUC’s technical committee reviews the questionnaire from the users’ perspective, conducts back-checks and validates the data so that users get ‘unbiased and representative information’. All this is done, from start to finish, in seamless partnership with Hansa Research.

Cost Per Thousand ( CPT ):

Cost Per Thousand ( CPT ) It represents the cost to show the ad to 1000 readers. Used as a benchmark to calculate the relative cost of an ad campaign. An example: Total cost for running a ad is Rs. 1,50,000/- The total audience is 6,00,000 . CPT = ( 150000/600000 ) X 1000 = Rs. 250/-

Our Target to Sell:

Our Target to Sell 1. Full page / Half page scheme : Negotiated rate for full & half page with various publications on a certain business commitment. 2. Jacket : Deal with various publications as follows:- Dainik Jagran I-Next Rashtriya Sahara Rates for Dainik Jagran Jacket are discounted upto 80%. Here’s an example. Publication: Dainik Jagran State: UP + Uttarakhand Card Rate : Rs. 5130/ - per sq. cm. Front Page Rate = Rs. 10,260/- per sq. cm. Total Cost for Full Page = Rs. 1,48,97,520/- Our Negotiated rate = Rs. 30 lacs (Approx. 80% discounted)

Things to Remember:

Things to Remember Identification of Clients: No corporate tie-up Regional / Local Budget 2. Payment Terms: Payment Back ground Payment within 30 days



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