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Sales Strategy of Our Organization And Areas Requiring Improvement:

Sales Strategy of Our Organization And Areas Requiring Improvement

Sales Strategies:

Sales Strategies Think big and audit your time. Be different and standout from the competition. Identify your prospects. Collect E-mail addresses. Know your client requirements. Build relationships with your customers.

Selling Through Strategy:

Selling Through Strategy Ask “To whom am I selling, what am I selling, why are they buying?” Know your product, but sell solutions. Remember that payback analysis is part of any sale, so make the business case crystal clear. Develop a strategy around your customer’s objectives. Listen, be humble, but be aggressive yet not over-bearing. Think long term, but focus on the present! Charge for everything, but be competitive.

Outsell the Competition:

Outsell the Competition Plan each sales call carefully; know the customer’s hot buttons; find an internal champion; don’t bash the competition. Target wisely based on near term opportunity, size of account and intuitive feel about sales cycle after initial calls. Time is the most precious commodity in a sales person’s daily routine….use judgement on where to spend time.

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Be fresh on every call, persevere. Show commitment to customer’s needs, this builds your credibility. Develop a feel for budgeted rupee, estimate the sales cycle. Welcome objections, don’t be defensive, focus on details.

Closing Techniques!:

Closing Techniques! Build a relationship, show that you care. Ask for the order – don’t be reticent or fear rejection. Set price expectations; don’t argue the rupee till you are in the contract process. Prepare well for every negotiation, list issues, listen well. A Win-Win situation is the ideal one. Don’t be afraid to say NO; customers will respect you. Summarize the meeting, make sure you follow up on action items, and suggest next interaction. Remain in control of the selling process. Your job is to get the sale!

Be a STAR performer:

Be a STAR performer The entire sales process involves the following four factors:- S ituation T ask A ction R esult Situation – The growth of an organization and its employees as well. Task - For growth, sales people need to bring in volume.

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3. Action – What steps should be taken in order to achieve the sales volume ? 4. Result – Finally, it’s the result which matters. Result depends a lot on the action taken.

Areas Requiring Improvement:

Areas Requiring Improvement Ensure that focus is on the right markets. Identify ways to attract more prospects. Develop strategy to qualify and close interested prospects. Guarantee your marketing program is supporting your business objectives. Ensure proper co-ordination among the team members.

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