Enjoy This Summer With Wide Variety Of Kesar Mangoes From Savani Farms

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Enjoy This Summer With Wide Variety Of Kesar Mangoes From Savani Farms

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Do you like the exotic fragrance and colour of saffron This luxury spice has mesmerised people all over the world with the unique flavour it imparts to any dish. With summer about to go full throttle it is officially time for three things – mangoes mangoes and more mangoes. What if you could combine the goodness of both – mango and saffron Impossible Well nature made it possible with authentic Kesar mangoes. The summers are here or should we say the season of mangoes is here. Much like all the legendary things around the world it is only when you have had a bite of the pulpy wonder can you understand the great hype surrounding it. Indians love their mangoes. And the love is not only rooted in the fact that mangoes could possibly be one of the oldest fruits cultivated in the subcontinent. There are so many more reasons why the king of fruits has enjoyed such a massive fan following across all ages class and various other social barriers. From Alexander the Great to Mughal emperor Jehangir the collective obsession for mangoes has unified kingdoms solidified trade relations influenced myths and folklores. It is hard to think even one fruit that has been even half so popular. Here are 10 fascinating facts about mangoes that every foodie must know. The delectable and succulent king of fruits not only serves as a ... Although the blazing sun and the sweltering heat make life unbearable during the summer in India the ... varieties of mango including Alphonso Chaunsa Langra and Kesar. The king or the queen If you are wondering what are we talking about then this is all about yellow luscious and juicy world of mangoes. For Gujaratis the word `mango

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brings to mind special weekend meals with family wherein the menu consists of nothing more than be-padi rotli keri no ras and dhokla. There are ample other ways to enjoy mangoes cheesecake chundo chutney salsa kachumbar baflo that can make ones mouth water. And to make matters straight Alphonso or hafus is the king and kesar is the queen. Both the king and the queen have their share of deeply loyal fans. Welcome to the world of `aam talk and mind you this is serious business. While hapus aka the mango king remains hot favourite among the rich who dont blink before shelling out huge amount of money for their mangoes kesar the queen is homegrown tasty yes we know taste is deeply personal and in most Gujarati households mangoes mean kesar.AT finds out whats hot in the city this mango season. Contact Us: USA Office Savanifarms 401 COMMERCE DRIVE SUITE 108 FORT WASHINGTON PA 19034 TOLL FREE: 1-855-696-2646 FAX: 215-646-6199 Email: savanifarmsdentaoffice.com

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