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Welcome! It is my goal to serve you. I want this site to be a benefit to you. I have some gifts to give to you!

My First Gift to You!:

My First Gift to You! A Ministry of Prayer. Sacrificial Prayer and Worship. “The Night Watch” “Warriors of Intercession” Make Your Request Known! Join the Prayer Movement!

My Next Gift to You!:

My Next Gift to You! Access to My Teaching Library; Study with Scott. “Teaching Spiritual Reality of Life.” God makes a Real difference for You! Teaching “Major Life Structures.” Relationships, Health, and Money. Find Life Purpose, The Name God calls you, and Personal Giftedness. Gain power over strongholds of the enemy!

Another Gift for You! :

Another Gift for You! Free Monthly Newsletter! Let’s Stay Connected! Testimonies… Fresh insights from the Lord. Reports of the Activity of God! A New Awakening! Coming Events and Speaking Engagements!

Live Seminars!:

Live Seminars! Prayerfully Consider hosting a Seminar. NOT just “intellectual teaching,” but to facilitate “Spiritual Realities!” I will come with a team to Minister and Serve your congregation. For more info check out the Seminar tab. Thanks Again! God Bless!

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