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Organizational Development Concept Scope and Practices:

Organizational Development Concept Scope and Practices 19:11:2013 Saurabh Singh Rajput Karishma Singh Anushka Tripathi By:-


INTRODUCTION With the changing of technology, market and environment faster and faster, an organization has to change the members’ attitude, knowledge and its own framework in order to adapt the various challenges. Organization development is a process that promotes the changes. The process of these changes can be considered as organization development.Organization development is a main technology which can change the quality of working relationship among the workers.

Definition of od:

Definition of od Beckhard (1969), has defined organization development as an effort (1) planned, (2) organization wide, (3) managed from the top, (4) increase organization effectiveness and health through(5) planned interventions in the organization’s “processes,” using behavioural science knowledge.

Concept of od:

Concept of od When an individual develops, organization develops automatically. OD refers to development of following elements of the organisation: Development of the individuals , team and the organization. Development can only take place when an appropriate knowledge is achieved and passed on to subordinates. OD is related to the study of the organization structure , organization designs , job analysis and management of change if required.

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To achieve organization effectiveness and bring changes human resource and processes and systems. Organization Development is a continuous process. The programes are implimented on short term as well as long term basis. Organization Development can be achieved by carrying out research to identify problem areas and by applying various interventions to resolve them.

Scope of OD:

Scope of OD Organization Effectiveness Organization Design Organization Assessment Performance Excellence Succession Planning Performance Coaching Team Intervention

Objectives of od:

Objectives of od Individual and group development. Development of organization culture and processes by constant interaction between members irrespective of levels of heirarchy. Inculcating team spirit. Empowerment of social side of employees. Transformation and achievement of competitive edge of organization.


Practices The practice of OD is grounded in a distinctive set of core values and principles that guide behavior and actions. Values-Based Supported by theory Systems focused Action research process focused

Supported by theory:

Supported by theory Draws from multiple disciplines that inform an understanding of human systems, including applied behavioural and physical sciences

Value based:

Value based Values-Based Key Values include: Respect and Inclusion Collaboration Authenticity Self-awareness

System focused:

System focused Approaches communities and organizations as open systems; that is, acts with the knowledge that change in one area of a system always results in changes in other areas; and change in one area cannot be sustained without supporting changes in other areas of the system.

Action research:

Action research Continuously re-examines, reflects and integrates discoveries throughout the process of change in order to achieve desired outcomes. In this way, the client members are involved both in doing their work, and in dialogue about their reflection and learning in order to apply them to achieve shared results.

Process focused:

Process focused Intervenes in organizational or community processes to help bring about positive change and help the client work toward desired outcomes


conclusion Organization development is a main technology which can change the quality of working relationship among the workers. OD impacts all the components in an organization. It contains the structure, culture, strategy; control system, group and human resource system of organization, others like communication, motivation and leading are all influenced by OD process. We had discussed the four components: structure, culture, and human resource and technology. In order to manage the OD process well, managers must do well in controlling among the steps of OD process. They are diagnosis, intervention and evaluation.

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