Honour Killings

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Honour Killing : an Introduction : 

Honour Killing : an Introduction Term “HONOR KILLING” is first used by the Dutch turkey expert of the university of “Leiden Ane Nauta “ in 1978. Also referred to as “ Customary Killing “ or “ Domestic Public Violence “ , it is a social evil dominating the Middle East. In honor killing males of the family kills their own daughter ,wife ,sister ,even mother for bringing dishonor to their family. Even males are also killed if they are in touch with the case.

Honor Killings : Global Problem : 

Honor Killings : Global Problem Large number of cases are reported mostly in parts of the Middle East and South Asia Nonetheless, the issue is a global one where other cases have been reported in Bangladesh, Great Britain, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Sweden, Turkey, and Uganda.

Reasons Behind Honor Killing : 

Reasons Behind Honor Killing

…Continued : a pictorial representation : 

…Continued : a pictorial representation

Honour Killings : Cultural Defenses : 

Honour Killings : Cultural Defenses Men And Women Or Girls Are Killed In Case Of Honor Killing By Community Or The Family Members Assuming That They Can Again Purify The Community Or Family Status . Idea of tradition and keeping up with the tribal beliefs of the role of women in society . The strong emphasis on family relationships . Belief that the demands of “westerners” deny the different cultural traditions of those practicing honor killings

What The Problem Is ? : 

What The Problem Is ? Honor Killing Is Strongly Supported In Punjab , Rajasthan , Haryana , Bihar ,U.P. And In Many Of The Other States. Persons Who Killed The Victims In Their Honor Are Almost Never Punished .In Rare Case They Are Brought On Trial For Serving Only For Three Months In Prison At Most .Moreover Most Of Them Are Let Off.

Where the Problem lies ? : 

Where the Problem lies ? Jordan:- Gay Jordanian men Are Shot Or Wounded By Their Own Brother. Pakistan:-Relationship Outside Tribe the Most Abundant Cause For Honor Killing. In Pakistan Honor Killing Is Also Known As Karo-Kari Locally. Saudi Arabia:-Saudi Women Was Killed By Her Father For Chatting On Facebook To A Man. India ,Egypt , Turkey ,Iraq ,Yemen etc Are Also Responsible For Honor Killing To Give Rise.


RISING HONOR KILLINGS IN INDIA A 22 year old ,New –delhi based journalist, was allegedly murdered by her own Mother. HER CRIME She wanted to marry a fellow journalist who belongs to lower caste . In recent case , an 18-year- old Dalit girl and her father were allegedly burned alive . CRIME They were allegedly burned alive by Upper-caste commuinty men following an argument over a DOG


…CONTINUED Astonishingly prominent politicians from both the ruling congress party and the opposition have come out in suport of the such community , because major votes and funds for there elections come from such upper caste community. Some community have also demanded that the government introduce changes in the Hindu marriage law to ban marriages within the same gotra. Socially , no marriage alliance is permitted between a man and women belong to the same caste or from same village.

Nirupama Pathak, a 22 year old journalist, reportedly 3 months pregnant were allegedly killed by their family near their family home in Jharkhand on last week of April 2010 because of falling in love with a lower caste boy . : 

Nirupama Pathak, a 22 year old journalist, reportedly 3 months pregnant were allegedly killed by their family near their family home in Jharkhand on last week of April 2010 because of falling in love with a lower caste boy . In Shivganga district of South Indian State, Tamilnadu ,a 20 year old girl Megala and a 24 year old boy Shivkumar were killed by Megala’s father and brother after being traced out when they eloped out after ten days of the marriage of Megala with another one.

She barely lived : 

She barely lived Zahida Perveen's head is shrouded in a white cotton veil, which she tightens every few moments. She has suffered horrible injuries to her face. A year ago, her husband accused her of an affair with a brother-in-law. He slashed her with a knife. She was three months pregnant at the time. He never said a word except, “This is your last night.”

Slide 13: 

Zahida's brother brutally attacked her because he alleged she had been unfaithful and brought shame to the family. He cut off her ears, tongue, and nose, gouged out her eyes, and left her for dead. Some women are burned alive by their families to regain the family honor

Slide 14: 

Du’a Khalil Aswad Age: 17 (Iraq) Stoned to death by members of her community for falling in love with a Sunni Muslim man. April 7, 2007

Slide 15: 

Babli (India) Drowned dead with husband Manoj by relatives, for marrying within the same village gotraJune 15, 2007

Facts from surveys : : 

Facts from surveys : According to delhi-based Indian Population Statistics Survey (IPSS) in mid -2007 almost 655 homicidal cases have been registered as honor killings in India .

…Continued : 

…Continued According to a data compiled by Haryana Police , 34 incidents of Honour Killings were reported in the state between 2008 and 2010 . In March 2010 , Haryana court sentenced 5 people to death for murdering a couple on the orders of “ Khap Panchayats ” , a traditional unofficial local council . Recently , Imrana , a 16 – year old girl from Buxar , Bihar was set on fire in her house in a case of what the police called “ Moral Vigilantism ” . She later succumbed to death of the injuries, when admitted to a hospital . In May 2008 , Vandana Singh was shot dead by her own father Jayvir Singh . June 2010 also reported some incidents from the Indian capital , Delhi .

…Continued : 

…Continued All- India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) , an association since 1985 confirms that 6 to 7 cases of honor killings has been reported every month in India . Moreover, it has been reported that 10% of all women killings come under the category of “ Honour Killings ” .

Statistical graph : : 

Statistical graph :


JUDICIARY SILENCE!!! Why is the judiciary silent ??? Have police investigated these crimes thoroughly? Do we have transparency about how such investigations are carried out? Why Indians families silently endure these killings? In a powerful democracy like India,it is a shame that we have no legal safegaurd to address this crime that has steadily increased over the last few decades.

What can we do ? : 

What can we do ? Raise awareness through education Send letters to relevant heads of countries where this is happening and advise them to act immediately Set up a fund to raise money to halt domestic violence [violence within a family]


…CONTINUED Youth of India should be mobilized. Amendent of IPC(Indian Panel Code) to include honour killings as a separate offence. Public awareness about this issue,and fuel the people about its evil impact on society and country as whole.

Message To The Society : 

Message To The Society Due To This Activity The Message Is Being Spread Into The Society That Females Are The Property Or Slave Of Males. Since Indian Culture Is Not A Divine Culture ,Honor Killing Is A Part And Parcel Of Indian Culture. Honor Killing Is Also One Of The Indicators That The Indian Culture Is Faulty.

Slide 25: 

Stop Killing and Stoning Women !!!

!!! THANK YOU !!! : 

!!! THANK YOU !!!

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