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EXPLORERS By Trevor Horvat

Marco polo : 

Marco polo Born around 1254 Died 1324 When he was 17 he traveled threw Asia He was born in venice Italy

Christopher Columbus : 

Christopher Columbus Born 1451 Died 1506 His ships were the pinta,santa maria,and the nina on the way to the Bahamas When he was little he had very little education

Magellan : 

Magellan Born 1480 Died 1512 Served in army for 25 years He had to eat rats while he was on the ship to Guam

John Cabot : 

John Cabot Born 1450 Died 1498 Italian explorer Found new land in North America

Martin frobisher : 

Martin frobisher Born 1535 Died 1594 Martin Frobisher was a pirate He was guide for the English

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