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HEROS Logan Smith

Magellan : 

Magellan Born 1480 Died 1521 He was a soldier. He served to the King of Spain. He ate rates for food. He went to Spice Island.

Drake, Francis : 

Drake, Francis Born 1545 Died 1596 Pirate worker for government. Led the first voyage around the world. He was a British explorer.

Cabot : 

Cabot Born 1450 Died 1498 He was a Italian Giovanni. He was the son of an Italian explorer. He made it to North America.

Neil Armstrong : 

Neil Armstrong The first person to walk on the moon. Landed July 20 1969. He piloted the Apollo 11. He was on the moon for two hours.

Marco Polo : 

Marco Polo Born 1254 Died 1324 He was a Venetian He was an Italian explorer. He travelled to China

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