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Cool explores : 

Cool explores Cool explores

Crirstopher Columbus : 

Crirstopher Columbus Cristopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Italiy,Rome.He died in 1506. He traveld on the Pinta,the Nina and the Santa Maria. The captain of the ship was Vicente Yanez pinzon. The other captain and owner is Martin Alonzo Pinzon. Columbus sailed for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Neal Armstrong : 

Neal Armstrong Neal Armstrong was the first asternot on the moon. He was born in 1930 and he is still a live . He landed on the moon on July, 1969 Him and Aldrin explores on the moon for adout 2 years. His middle name is Alden.

Jacques Carter : 

Jacques Carter Carter Jacques was named Canada. He was born in 1491 to 1557 Whe was a french explorer. He traveld on the ST.Lawrence River. He tried to start a settlement in 1541.

Vasco DA GAMA : 

Vasco DA GAMA DA GAMA, VASCO was born in 1460-1524 He was portuguese explorer. He sailed on the indian ocean from lisbon,portugal, around africa’s cape fo good hope,to india in 1497-1499. He is from Lisbon,Portugal. He returned to Lisbon,Portugal in 1499.

Matthew.A Henson : 

Matthew.A Henson He was born on August 8 1866. He died on March 9,1955. He was on the Peary Expedition. He was one of the first people to visit the south pole. He was an African explorer.

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