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Explorers : 

Explorers Taija Harju

Christopher Columbus : 

Christopher Columbus He was born in1451. He had two brothers. He died in 1506. He was one of the best sea explorers. His dad was a weaver.

Marco polo : 

Marco polo He was born in 1254. He died in 1324. Marco polo was a vietman explorer. When he was 17 he traveled to Asia with his father.

John Cabot : 

John Cabot John Cabot was born in 1450. He died in 1498. In 1490 he moved to England. In may 1498 he set out on a further voyage with five ships and discovered Japan.

He was born in 1460. He died in 1524. He was a Portuguese explorer. He sailed from Lisbeon,Portugala, on July 8,1497. Vasco da Gama

Magellan : 

Magellan He was born in 1480. He died in 1421. His real name Fernanao Magalhaes. He became a soldier when was 25.

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