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Famous Explorers : 

Famous Explorers Kayla Williams

Cabot : 

Cabot Born in 1450 Died in 1498 He was Italian 1498 he found Japan June 24 he found Asia

Christopher Columbus : 

Christopher Columbus Born 1451 Died 1506 He found South America He had 2 brothers On his second trip he passed Puerto Rico

Vasco Da Gama : 

Vasco Da Gama Born 1460 Died 1524 He was a Portuguese explorer July 8, 1497 he sailed from Lisbon, Portugal and went East He rounded Africa’s Cape of God September,1499

Magellan : 

Magellan Born 1480 Died 1521 At 17 he sailed around the Cape of God He sailed around the tip of South America He killed the Philippines

Marco Polo : 

Marco Polo Born 1254 Died in 1324 He was Italian He traveled through Central Asia and China His mom died after giving birth to him

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