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Explorers : 

Explorers By Katelyn LeBeque

Jacques Cartier : 

Jacques Cartier Born 1491 Died 1557 Led three expeditions He wanted to find a way through North America to the Pacific He went 1,000 miles up the St.Lawerence River

Samuel De Shamplain : 

Samuel De Shamplain Born 1567? Died 1635 French explorer Mapped a lot of North America Started a settlement in Quebec

Lewis & Clark : 

Lewis & Clark William Clark was born 1770 and died 1838 Meriwether Lewis was born 1774 and died 1809 They started in 1804 and their journey lasted for 2 years 4 months and 10 days They met up with a guide named Sacagawea They went over 8,000 miles

James Cook : 

James Cook Born 1728 Died 1779 British explorer Was a astronomer Led expeditions around the world First captain to stop scurvy

John Cabot : 

John Cabot Born 1450 Died 1499 Claimed land for England Explored Canada’s coastline Original name is Giovanni Caboto His son went with him on the trip

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