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Famous Explorers : 

Famous Explorers Arynn Isaacson

Ponce De Leon : 

Ponce De Leon Born 1460 Died 1521 Spanish explorer and soldier first to set foot in Florida He discovered the Gulf Stream He was searching for a fountain that made everyone stay young

Christopher Columbus : 

Christopher Columbus Born in 1451 Died in 1506 Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean trying to find India He took four trips to the Caribbean He never found any spices in America He was smart but he thought the world was flat not round

Henry Hudson : 

Henry Hudson Born in 1565 Died in 1611 Explored Artic Ocean and northeastern North America Hudson Bay is named after Henry He was hired by the Dutch to try find a new passage

Neil Armstrong : 

Neil Armstrong Born in 1930 First person to walk on the moon Took off on July 16,1969 Landed on July 20, 1969 Neil Piloted NASA’s 11 mission He said, “One small step for a man,one giant leap for mankind.” When he got to the moon

Marco Polo : 

Marco Polo Born 1254 Died1324 The first Europeans to travel through Asia,and China to reach Beijing He left in 1271 when he was a teenager he traveled about 24 years He wrote a book called,Book of Ser Marco Polo in 1298

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