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Famous Explorers : 

Famous Explorers Alexa Duesler

Christopher Columbus : 

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus : 

Christopher Columbus Born in Genoa, Italy, 1451 Died in May 20, 1506 He went on 4 voyages over the Atlantic Ocean, he passed Puerto Rico, Navidad

Vasco ds Gama : 

Vasco ds Gama Born 1460 Died 1524 He was an explorer sent by Portugal He sailed from Libson, Portugal, around Africa’s cape of good hope, to India back in 1497 - 1499

Vasco da Gama : 

Vasco da Gama

Marco Polo : 

Marco Polo Born 1254 Died 1324 He was Italian explorer he traveled through Asia and China He started his journey to China when he was 17 years old in 1271

Marco Polo : 

Marco Polo

Hernando Cortez : 

Hernando Cortez Born 1485 Died 1547 He was an adventurer and conquistador sent from Spain he claimed Mexico He sailed to several countries looking for gold and silver

Hernando Cortez : 

Hernando Cortez

Neil Armstrong : 

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong : 

Neil Armstrong Born 1930 Neil was the first man on the moon He piloted NASA’s Apollo 11 mission on July 16, 1969 he landed on the moon on July 20 He explored the moon for 2 hous

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