The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

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The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas:

The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

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Saunas have been used as a means of relaxation and healing around the world for centuries. There are many different types of saunas, with one of the most recent being the infrared sauna. Unlike a traditional sauna that heats the air, infrared saunas heat the objects that are directly in its path. The heat that comes from infrared saunas is similar to the heat you feel from the sun. Essentially, infrared saunas give you many of the healthy benefits you’d get from natural sunlight without the dangerous effects you get from actual sunlight.

Weight Loss:

Weight Loss Weight loss is one of the benefits of infrared saunas that grabs the attention of many users. Spending time in a sauna increases the heart rate and the metabolic rate. This process uses up a good deal of energy in the form of calories, and while it isn’t a weight loss cure on its own, you can use an infrared sauna to help with a sensible weight loss program.

Stress Relief:

Stress Relief The addition of heat helps to relieve tense muscles and relax the body in any scenario, including an infrared sauna. When you are completely enveloped and the heat is on you from all angles, you’ll notice an immediate release of many of the stresses of daily life.


Detoxification Everyone stores toxins in their skin, and everyone can help remove toxins by using infrared saunas. The act of sweating cleanses and detoxifies your skin, helping you get rid of toxins like: Heavy metals Excess sodium Cholesterol Alcohol Nicotine

Pain Relief:

Pain Relief Anyone who is pain from a chronic condition or injury and has tried infrared sauna therapy knows how it can help to reduce pain. The effects of the sauna expand blood vessels and increase circulation. This brings more oxygen to the painful areas of the body and helps the body heal faster.

Simulates Exercise:

Simulates Exercise Using infrared saunas creates many of the same effects as an exercise session. By staying in the sauna for up to 20 minutes, your heart rate will increase by up to 75 percent. The increase in cardiac output is similar to a brisk walk, and while it isn’t a replacement for real exercise, the sauna does provide benefits.

Artificial Fever:

Artificial Fever Infrared saunas also simulate fevers in people who spend time in the heat. As with a real fever, your body will initiate an immune response that helps to ward off viruses and other foreign invaders in your body. The positive thing about using a sauna to create this ‘fever’ effect is that you don’t have to suffer any of the aches and pains associated with fever and will still feel great once you’re finished.

Improved Complexion:

Improved Complexion In many instances, dead skin cells, dirt and chemicals under the skin are the culprits when it comes to a poor complexion. The increase in blood circulation and the profuse sweating initiated by the sauna helps get rid of these elements and restore a clear complexion. People who use infrared saunas regularly often have glowing, clean looking skin that is blemish free.


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