Online Security Concerns (PPT) - Are You Secure Online?


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A list of e-security issues; you need to be aware. Learn How to secure online transactions and prevent hackers from following You. How you can secure your system online by using complex passwords and surfing anonymously. You will also learn how a VPN (Hotspot Shield) can secure you at public Wi-Fi hotspots.


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Internet Security Guide:

Internet Security Guide

Online Security Concerns:

How to secure online transactions How to bypass internet filters How to become invisible over the internet How to prevent hackers from following you Online Security Concerns

Do’s For Internet Security:

Use a secure browser Choose complex passwords Install an effective anti-virus Bolster your internet security with a VPN Do’s For Internet Security

Don’ts For Internet Security:

Don’t choose to remember username or password Don’t do financial transactions on public Wi-Fi hotspots Don't give payment information to businesses you don't trust Don't download files sent by strangers Don’ts For Internet Security

Get Behind The VPN Shield:

As it encrypts personal and financial data Anonymizes you at public Wi-Fi hotspots Detects and blocks over 3.5 million malicious pages Enhances the efficiency of your existing anti-virus Get Behind The VPN Shield

Why Virtual Private Network?:

Why Virtual Private Network? VPN

How VPN Tunnel Ensures Internet Security? :

Supports encrypted network traffic only Blocks Malware, Trojans, Hackers and Snoopers How VPN Tunnel Ensures Internet Security?

VPN Hides your IP address:

To enable private browsing To prevent anyone from tracking you To give access to Netflix, Pandora, Hulu outside US VPN Hides your IP address

VPN Enables You to Surf Anonymously:

Play videos and online games anonymously Ensures privacy of your web sessions Disguises hackers and snoopers as a foreign user VPN Enables You to Surf Anonymously

VPN Gives You Access to Blocked Websites:

Unblock Twitter, Facebook, Gmail at school or workplace Access Geo-restricted websites Access YouTube in places like Egypt and Pakistan VPN Gives You Access to Blocked Websites

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