Can Infertility Cause Stress

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The difficulties faced by infertility couple couldn’t be described in the word. This infertility situation not only affects family and friends relationship but also the relationship between the couples.


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Can Infertility cause stress? :

Can Infertility cause stress?


Introduction The difficulties faced by infertility couple couldn’t be described in the word. This infertility situation not only affects family and friends relationship but also the relationship between the couples. Besides this, it creates financial complex, builds a negative influence on a couple’s sexual relationship . So infertility absolutely causes stress .

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Many research has revealed that women with infertility problem have the exact level of stress and anxiety of women suffered from HIV, cancer and heart disease . In most of the societies, couples are blamed for their infertility issue, as the society does not understand that infertility health issue is also a kind of disease . If you would like to take infertility treatment, visit the  best infertility center in Nellore .

Can Stress Cause infertility?:

Can Stress Cause infertility? Stress alone cannot cause infertility, it also inhibits the woman’s capacity to getting conceive . In the recent research has given that women with the long term depression are more likely to get the infertility issue . Apart from this anxiety also has negatively impact by delaying the time needed to attain pregnant. Some studies have displayed that women who are taking In vitro Fertilization results that stress factor minimizes the pregnancy rate.

How can you handle the stress of infertility?:

How can you handle the stress of infertility? Learn Get knowledge about the normal responses to  fertility problem . Have a conversation with other people who are all going through infertility issue. Thoroughly understand your medical procedure and ask your query regarding treatment options.

Interact :

Interact Speak with your partner about your feelings and necessities and also allow your partner to share his feelings . Talk regarding your contrasts without any conflict. Have an interaction with your family and friends and never ever isolate yourself . Talk about your condition without going into the deep details and tell other well-wishers how they can help and support you.

Do relaxation Techniques:

Do relaxation Techniques The human being experiences the fight-or-flight response when you sense any danger. This similar response is also experienced when you are suffering from psychological stress . Another response that is relaxation response can be acquired when your body gets in a deep rest. To get this relaxation response you have to follow certain techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and meditation etc. This type of techniques will surely help you to handle any stress that is related to infertility .

Take care of your health:

Take care of your health Health is wealth, as an adult, you will get an exam every year, so eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, get enough sleep and also have time for recreation .

Handle the sexual stress:

Handle the sexual stress These days sexual stress is very common that prevails among infertility couples because they think that this a duty or a serious obligation rather than an activity of fun. There are many ways to handle this incorporates by taking a break from making baby, identifying the difference between work and fun sex, and learning sensual contact that will not result in getting conceive.

Will managing stress improves fertility?:

Will managing stress improves fertility? By managing your stress will not result in the success rate of your fertility problem, but will surely give you a positive vibrant. The infertility couple who involved in mind/body program able to get conceive easily. This program includes techniques like  stress-management , relaxation techniques etc.

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