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Wind based Renewable energy generation technologies gathers significant attention in the recent global power scenario. In some of the countries the penetration level of wind power is too high affecting the smooth performance of power system . The stable operation of wind turbine system is very much important for power system stability too . The work is the stability improvement of wind turbine systems by using STATCOM. Abstract 28 April 2009 2 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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28 April 2009 3 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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Parts of Wind Turbine Generator 28 April 2009 4 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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5 FSIG wind turbine 600kW, 690V Types of Wind Turbine Generators 28 April 2009 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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6 DFIG wind turbine 28 April 2009 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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7 Full converter wind turbine 28 April 2009 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

Problems to be addressed : 

Problems to be addressed Many areas with excellent wind resources are located in weak grid systems. Voltage Instability in the system can cause the wind farm to shut down. The wind turbines must be able to continue uninterrupted operation under a transient voltage. 28 April 2009 8 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

Compensation Schemes : 

Compensation Schemes 1. Switched shunt capacitors Problem: Switching Transients 2. Static var Compensators Problem: Poor respone at lower nominal voltages. 3. STATCOM Compared to SVCs, STATCOMs are faster, smaller, and have better performances at reduced voltages. STATCOMS have the capability to address transient events. 28 April 2009 9 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM


STATCOM Max. comp. current is independent of system voltage. Losses increase smoothly with cap. and inductive No harmonics filtering required . Faster response. 28 April 2009 10 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

Compensation Using Statcom : 

Compensation Using Statcom Q STATCOM Ground fault 28 April 2009 11 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

System Model : 

Wind Farm Consists of 9 MW (6X1.5MW) Wind Turbines connected to 25KV distribution system exporting power to 120KV grid through 25Km,25KV Feeder . Wind turbines use squirrel cage induction generators whose stator winding is connected directly to 60Hz grid and the rotor is driven by variable pitch wind turbine . Statcom of Capacity 6MVA is switched on and off manually. System Model 28 April 2009 12 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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28 April 2009 13 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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28 April 2009 14 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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28 April 2009 15 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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Voltage and Reactive Power - STATCOM 28 April 2009 16 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

Analysis : 

Analysis When the "STATCOM" is out of service “ the voltage at bus drops to 0.91pu due to the lack of reactive power support This low voltage condition results in an overload of the IG and Wind Turbine - 1" is tripped due to AC Over current protection control. 28 April 2009 17 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

Conclusion : 

Conclusion The STATCOM was analysed to be the most reasonable solution for the new generation wind farm for voltage stability especially when connected to the weak grid system. 28 April 2009 18 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

Reference : 

Reference [1] Z. Chen1,3 Frede Blaabjerg1 Y Hu2 “Stability Improvement of Wind Turbine Systems by STATCOM”, IEEE Transactions of Power System 1-4244-0136-4/06 [2]Trinh Trong Chung , “Stability Investigation of Grid Connected Wind Farm“, Proceedings of world academy of science and technology ,Volume 32 ,Augest 2008 ISSN 2070-3740 [3] Z. Saad-Saoud, M.L. Lisboa, J.B. Ekanayake, N.Jenkins, G. Strbac, “Application of STATCOMs to wind farms” IEE Proceedings- Generation,Transmission and Distribution. 28 April 2009 19 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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Regards Sasidharan Sreedharan Doctoral Student in Energy ( 28 April 2009 20 WIND TURBINE - STATCOM

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