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Lecture given to Masters Students In Electrical Power System of Government Engineering College ,Thrissur in December 2008


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i find your presentation on power analysis very interesting

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Slide 1: 

Electrical Power System - Research Recent Trends & Methodologies Sasidharan Sreedharan School of Energy AIT , Bangkok 4/17/2009 1

Contents : 

Contents 4/17/2009 2

Research Divisions : 

Research Divisions Technology Transfer Different generation transfer technologies & integration System Management Markets:- Market design, analysis, reliability, pricing , risk management and asset evaluation. T&D:-Network configuration & protection, security enhancement, Power quality , control and customer interfaces, Power electronics technologies, Distributed resources and micro-grids. Systems:- Computational methods, Component modeling and Simulation , Advanced algorithms and computational methods. 4/17/2009 3

Major Research Areas : 

Major Research Areas Power Systems Design , Planning , Operation and Control Power System Protection Condition monitoring & Asset management Dynamic stability & security analysis Market design & operation Flexible AC Transmission Systems Power Quality Sustainable & renewable electrical power systems, including integration 4/17/2009 4

Tools/Algorithms : 

Tools/Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Wavelets/Fractals Evolutionary Computation (GAs) Multi-agent theory Monte Carlo/Tabu Search etc Chaos theory Bayesian analysis Real-time dynamic simulation 4/17/2009 5

Applications : 

Applications Transmission/distribution systems Distributed generation Renewable energy integration Electrical energy storage systems Sustainable power systems Semi-conductor switched power systems RTDS, real-time digital transient simulator Multi-machine power system simulator Chemical and kinetic energy storage Software's: EMTDC, UWPFLOW,MATLAB etc Electrical power market simulator 4/17/2009 6

Facilities : 

Facilities RTDS, real-time digital transient simulator Multi-machine power system simulator Chemical and kinetic energy storage Software: EMTDC, UWPFLOW, MATLAB Electrical power market simulator Laboratory Models – Transmission Line, FACTS etc 4/17/2009 7

Recent Trends(Areas) in Power System Research : 

Recent Trends(Areas) in Power System Research Type of network / plant Overhead lines/ Underground cables Power transformers, Gas Insulated Switchgears, Generators High voltage transmission systems / low voltage distribution systems, power system networks with distributed generation (including renewable) High voltage systems with Thyristor-controlled Flexible AC Transmission, multi-ended lines Demand Side Management Methods employed Advanced signal processing techniques like Chaos Theory, Wavelet Transform etc Pattern recognition / classification using Artificial Intelligence including Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Neural Networks – Self Organising Map, Multilayer Feed forward Perception 4/17/2009 8

Slide 9: 

FACTS Devices Transmission: SVC, TCSC, VSC, Statcom , UPFC etc Distribution/Custom Power: Dstatcom, DVR, Custom Power Park 4/17/2009 9

Slide 10: 

Challenge: Sustainable electrical energy generation Solutions: Decentralised control New market structures Novel energy storage Security Future Electrical Power Technologies 4/17/2009 10

Slide 11: 

Challenge: Enhanced operation of power networks Projects: Micro grids – control and protection Multi-agent control – decentralised networks Ideal energy mix – technical ideal System security – intermittent sources Future network technologies 4/17/2009 11

Slide 12: 

Energy storage Challenge: Recovering unused electrical power Projects: New electrical energy storage devices Control & management of storage devices Integration into micro grids Hybrid energy storage Mobility Smoothing Time shift 4/17/2009 12

Slide 13: 

Emerging Research areas:- Greater use of the assets Exploitation of renewable resources Accountability of operations. ------------------------------------------ Open Access of Systems. Quality of Supply. Improved Protection 4/17/2009 13

Slide 14: 

OPEN ACCESS OF SYSTEMS:- Ability to accept a diversity of sources. Wind, Solar, Fuel Cells, Storage. 4/17/2009 14

Slide 15: 

QUALITY OF SUPPLY:- Supply Parameters. voltage frequency continuity of supply How and where can/should these be controlled? 4/17/2009 15

Slide 16: 

IMPROVED SYSTEM PROTECTION:- New equipment requires more sophisticated protection. Increased complexity of network design. New concepts in protection. 4/17/2009 16

Slide 17: 

What the new project can be :- new sources of renewable energy. new control strategies. new processing techniques. condition monitoring. economics. etc., etc., ….. 4/17/2009 17

Power System Simulator : 

Power System Simulator 4/17/2009 18

Power System Software's : 

Power System Software's On Line Power Flow analysis Matlab Self Coding Tool Boxes Hadi Sadaat Mat Power 3. Power World UWPLOW ETAP 4/17/2009 19


ONLINE FROM WEBSITE Problem Bus Data BS 1 1.0 0 0 0.5 0.3099 0 0 BQ 2 1.0 0 0 1.7 1.0535 0 0 BQ 3 1.0 0 0 2.0 1.2394 0 0 BV 4 1.02 3.18 0 0.8 0.4958 Line Data L 1 2 0.01008 0.0504 0 0.1025 1.0 L 1 3 0.00744 0.0372 0 0.0775 1.0 L 2 4 0.00744 0.0372 0 0.0775 1.0 L 3 4 0.01272 0.0636 0 0.1275 1.0 4/17/2009 20

Result : 

Result 4/17/2009 21


POWER WORLD 4/17/2009 22

Power world simulation : 

Power world simulation 4/17/2009 23


UWPFLOW Continuation and Direct methods to locate Fold Bifurcations in AC/DC/FACTS power system Developed by Prof. Claudio A. Canizares, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada First Version was started since December, 1996. The program reads ac/dc power flow data in WSCC/BPA/EPRI formats or IEEE common format The program has been developed in C and runs under Window and UNIX environments Detailed and reliable steady state models of SVC, TCSC and STATCOM models, and their controls with the corresponding limits are included. The program generates a wide variety of output ASCII and MATLAB (.m) files as well as IEEE common format data files for analysis and plotting of the results. The program has being designed to automatically run script files, i.e., DOS batch or UNIX script files. 4/17/2009 24

How to work with UWPFLOW : 

25 How to work with UWPFLOW Command Batch File WSCC IEEE FACTS PFLOW ASCII MATLAB (.m) IEEE common

Online Resource Search : 

Online Resource Search ---------------------------------------------------------------- IEEE Transactions on Power Systems IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems 4/17/2009 26

Slide 27: 

Thanks and Regards Sasidharan Sreedharan Doctoral Student in Energy, Electrical Power System Management Division School of Energy (SERD) Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. Tel: 066-02-5247526 ®; 08-46657615(Mobile), Email: 4/17/2009 27

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