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TRADITIONAL BRITAIN Our task is: To get to know the information about some festivals and traditions in the UK To watch the video and to report the information to the class To use our English for all kinds of communication To promote cooperation in the class

Match the dates to the holidays:

Match the dates to the holidays Easter 31 October Christmas 5 November New Year 14 February Halloween 26 December Boxing Day On Sunday (3 weeks before Easter) Guy Fawkes Night 1 April St. Valentine’s Day 1 January Mother’s Day 25 December April Fool’s Day Between March and April

Guess the riddles:

Guess the riddles - Celebrating this holiday children knock at people’s doors and say “Trick or treat”. -Hogmanay is the other name of the holiday and it’s the start of the next year. -On this day the Church marks the re-birth of Jesus Christ. -The main religious festival of the year and the birth of Jesus Christ. -People celebrate this holiday with firework displays and bonfire parties. -It’s a custom to give a card or a gift to somebody you love or admire. -It’s also a sporting tradition in the UK.

Welcome to our English Tea Party!:

Welcome to our English Tea Party!


I had a good time. I absolutely agree. This lesson was a good experience for me. That’s not my opinion. Some pupils did most of the talking. That’s very true. I’m satisfied with my work. I don’t think so. I did OK. I am happy with my participation. I think … My English was bad and I kept silent most of the time. To my mind In my view I should have talked more. I was too shy today. As for me

And what about Russia?:

And what about Russia? In Russia Christmas isn’t too much popular, for example, like in the USA. In our country the main holiday is New Year. We celebrate it on the 31st of December. Children wait for Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, who bring presents for them.

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