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WiZiQ’s Virtual Classroom Screen sharing in online class

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Installing Software - IE 6.0 OR 7.0 Go to: ; You will get the following popup You need to have any desktop or screen sharing software installed, drivers of which are available for use in our virtual classroom or can install VHScrCap for screen sharing as below:

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Installing Software - IE 6.0 OR 7.0

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Installing Software - Mozilla Go to: ; You will get the following popup

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Installing Software - Mozilla Once the download is complete following box will popup:

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Installing Software - Mozilla

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Installing Software

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Installing Software

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Installing Software

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Installing Software

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Installing Software

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Installation complete

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Configuring Software Now click on Start Menu, and then Programs. You will find HmelyoffLabs. Select VHScrCap and then Config as shown below:

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Configuring Software VH Screen Capture Driver instance selection screen appears. Select the current running (default selected) instance of the “VHScrCapService” or click on Create new one. OR

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Configuring Software VH Screen Capture Driver Window opens Under capture tab select Track Screen checkbox.

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Configuring Software Set Frame Rate to 2. Select the options as shown above and uncheck all other options. Close window.

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Screen sharing Launch your session and click on the share video icon as below:

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Screen sharing

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Screen sharing

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Screen sharing starts

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Presenters view

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Attendees view

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