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INVENTIONS IN 2008 - 2009 : 

INVENTIONS IN 2008 - 2009


INDEX TX Active- Smog Eating Cement Bionic Lens- New Active Contact Lens Sony's Sugar Battery Rescue Reel  Emergency Escape From Tall Buildings

TX ActiveSmog Eating Cement : 

TX ActiveSmog Eating Cement

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TX Active is a self-cleaning and pollution-mitigating cement developed by the Italian company, Italcementi that can reduce pollution (nitric oxides) by up to 60%. TX Active contains a titanium dioxide based photocatalyzer. Through which the product reduces the maintenance requirements for concrete by destroying most pollutants. Also, the cement effectively destroys airborne pollutants, which are responsible for pollution. The product can be used for roads, pavements, parking lots, buildings, and anyplace regular cement is being used.

Bionic Lens-New Active Contact Lens : 

Bionic Lens-New Active Contact Lens

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Inventor, Babak Parviz has invented a contact lens embedded with solar-powered led's and a radio-frequency receiver. Initially, Babak Parviz developed the contact lens to wirelessly communicate medical information about the health of the eye and wearer. However, other applications were soon realized. According to Parviz, “There are many possible uses for virtual displays. Drivers or pilots could see a vehicle's speed projected onto the windshield. Video-game companies could use the contact lenses to completely immerse players in a virtual world without restricting their range of motion”.

Sony's Sugar Battery : 

Sony's Sugar Battery

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The new bio battery will generate electricity from a sugar solution and will be used to run the 2008 Sony Walkman. The bio battery incorporates an anode consisting of sugar-digesting enzymes and mediator, and a cathode comprising oxygen-reducing enzymes and mediator, either side of a cellophane separator. Through a process of electrochemical reaction, electricity will be generated.

Rescue Reel  (Emergency Escape From Tall Buildings) : 

Rescue Reel  (Emergency Escape From Tall Buildings)

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Kevin Stone an inventor began working on the Rescue Reel after 9/11. It is Modeled after a fishing reel, the Rescue Reel requires no special knowledge and can take less than a minute from deploying to safety. A self-adjusting braking system ensures that the wearer descends at a constant rate. A Kevlar cord must be hooked to a secure object or connection point, like between a door and its door frame.  Then, after sliding into the one size harness, the escapee would climb out of an open window, and rappel himself down the side of a building.  Stone's Rescue Reel has a centrifugal braking system that controls the rate of descent, ensuring a smooth ride down to safety.

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