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Mahapariksha Common Subjects Syllabus


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Section: Marathi Language • अ ल ं क ार :- अ रा ा त र णास उत े का भा ं त ी मान व क िर े क अ न न य स भावो िी • व ृ त :- ओ वी नववध ू भ ु ज ं ग प य ात प ादाक ु ल क अ भ ं ग वस ं त त त ल क ा • वाकरप ा ं त र :- क े वल स ं य ु ि तमश • प योग :- क त त री क म त ण ी भ ाव े • वाकप चारवमण ी • ई समास _ म धमप द ल ोप ी क म त ध ारय तवभ िी त त ु र षद ं न वद समाह ार इत र े त र व ै क त ल तप क सह ब ह वीह ी • ड क ाळ :- सव त सथ ु ल स रपा चा प ररचय Section: English • Similar Word Opposite Word Common Vocabulary Sentence Structure • Use of Idioms and phrases their meaning and comprehension of passage. • Sentence Conversion: Simple Compound Complex Sentences • Grammatical Voices – Active Passive Imperatives sentences • Phrases Proverbial Sayings • Compound- Determinative Appositional Numeral Attributive Copulative Adverbial • Tense –All Present/Past/FutureSimple/Continuous/perfect/perfect continuous Section: General knowledge General knowledge related topics include Maharashtras history work of social reformers in Maharashtra Indian StatePolitical System Rural Development Administration Geography Science and Engineering Department of Agriculture Economics Agriculture Sports Cultural Events Global Current Affairs in India and the State etc. Section: Intelligent Test Intelligence test-related factors include the difference in number series number series alphabetical series and alphanumerical series numeric characters and words incompatibilities numbers letters and word discrepancies encoding disambiguation logical figures vein figures relationships mathematical rationality logical explanation of details direction etc.

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