Animal Farm.(comm skill)

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Presentation By Atul Alandkar 182 Avinash Dukare 192 Aaditya Hardeniya 196 Chitral Savla 228 Satish Jaiswal 201 Roshan Michael 214 Varoon Sugavanam 238

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Introduction George Orwell A Story of A Not So Imaginary Farm A High Voltage Political Drama

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Czar Nicholas II a weak leader. Karl Marx and rise of communism. Follower Lenin. Stalin a rebel and dictator. Leon Trotsky-Man behind the curtain. Czar Nicholas II Vladimir Lenin Joseph Stalin Leon Trotsky When History and Literature Merge

Joseph Stalin:

Joseph Stalin Despotic urgency. Five year plan. Use of military tactics. A dictator. Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin


CHARACTERS Old Major An old Pig whose speech about the evils perpetrated by humans. His philosophy concerning the tyranny of Man is named Animalism. He teaches the animals the song “Beasts of England” Dies before revolution. Karl Marx The inventor of communism Wants to unite the working class to overthrow the government. Dies before the Russian Revolution. Characters

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Farmer Jones Drunkard and irresponsible owner of the farm Czar Nicholas II Weak Russian leader. Brutal and cruel to his subjects. Characters

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Snowball An important leader of rebellions. Became a scapegoat of Napoleon’s politics. Leon Trotsky A pure communist leader, influenced by Karl Marx. Became a scapegoat of Lenin's KGB. Characters

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Napoleon A Rebel in farm. After rebellions success, undisputed tyrant. Joseph Stalin A Rebel in Russian politics. Loved power and became a dictator. Characters

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Jessie, The Farm’s Sheepdog Moses, The Raven Characters

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Boxer Characters Squealer, Propaganda Machine Boxer, Dedicated Worker

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Pilkington Jones' neighbor Muriel A goat who believes in the rebellion Mollie A vain horse who resists the animal rebellion Benjamin The most cynical of all the animals, the farm's donkey. The Sheep Not tremendously clever, the sheep remind themselves of the principles of animalism by chanting "four legs good, two legs bad." The Dogs Napoleon’s private army. Characters


Animalism Taught by Old Major No rich, but no poor Better life for workers All animals are equal Everyone owns the farm. Communism Invented by Karl Marx All people are equal Government owns everything People own the government . Philosophies


All Was Supposed To Get Better But Was It So Revolution Animal Farm Revolution Russian Revolution

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Allegory Multiple Levels of Meaning

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Real Life Issues Presented in Humorous Style Soviet coat of arms Satire

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Why it has relevance even today?.... Teaches about the ways that people abuse power and manipulate others . “POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY .” Significance Today

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