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Since its founding in 1855, Colt Manufacturing has helped shape the evolution of modern firearms. Over 150 years later, Colt is still producing quality firearms and there are millions of historic Colt weapons in the hands of collectors. For more information visit here:


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Being able to find quality Colt Parts is essential for keeping these classic sidearms in working order. If you are looking for vintage components for your Colt firearms we carry a huge supply of original parts and accessories at Sarco Inc. Here at Sarco Inc. our team is dedicated to military history. For over 50 years Sarco Inc. has been helping enthusiasts of all sorts find the military items firearms components and rare treasures they need. We are proud to have grown into one of the largest suppliers of surplus militaria in the country. If you have been looking for a certain piece of military history odds are we have it in stock.

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One of the most famous sidearms in modern history is the Colt 1911. These pistols were put into use in 1911 as the US was trying to find a suitable replacement for revolvers. The process took years of testing and adjusting culminating in the final 1911 design. After over 100 years of service these pistols are still a mainstay in the US Armed Forces and militaries around the world.

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Eventually in an attempt to standardize small arms and replace aging pistols the 1911 was officially replaced by the Beretta M9 as the Armed F o r c es ’ standard sidearm in 1986. Though they were replaced on paper the use of the 1911 was never completely phased out. The fact that these pistols are still on the battlefield over 30 years after being “ r eplac ed ” and over 100 years after their initial inception is a testament to their effectiveness of the 1911’s design.

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To keep your 1911 in good working order we have a wide range of colt parts in stock. Whether you are in the market for a new barrel trigger or just a new spring you can plenty of options. We also carry tools full build kits and cleaning supplies. Once you have your pistol in good working order we can also help you find the perfect holster or mag pouch to complete a period accurate style for collectors and reenactors. If you are serious about preserving your vintage firearms we have the Colt parts you need. With parts for the 1911 M4 and many other classic Colt firearms we are truly a one stop shop for all your Colt parts and accessories. If you are looking for a part or component that we d on ’ t have listed in stock odds are we can find it for you. We have a network of suppliers around the world that we source our military surplus supplies from and we are always happy to help our customers find that elusive item of their collection. If you have any questions about our inventory feel free to reach out to our team at 610-250-3960 or

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