Unit III (Preservation)

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Methods & MECHANISM of preservation:

Methods & MECHANISM of preservation Saranya.R M.Tech BT

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FREEZE-DRYING : The freeze-drying process: pre-treatment, freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying. Application: tablets, vaccines and other injectables. Product viewable single shelf freeze- dryer

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BY USE OF PRESERVATIVES : prservatives interfere with growth, multiplication & metabolism of the microbe by one or more of the following mechanism: Shrinking of cell by osmotic pressure Modify membrane permeability Oxidizing cellular constituents

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Glutaraldehyde : cross linking with proteins & inhibition of synthesis DNA RNA & other macromolecules Alkylation reacn with amino & -SH gp . Alcohol: protein denaturation & coagulation Sodium perbenzoate : sod perborate + H2O———>H2O2 Results in toxic effects

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Preservation from oxidation : Antioxidants : drug pdt protection by acting as reducing agent or By blocking an oxidative chain reaction. eg: Tocopherols : added to liquid parffin to prevent odours Gallic acid & gallates : used in oils cosmetics, perfumes.propyl octyl . BHA: cosmatics BHT: similar to BHA low toxicity Nordihydroguiaretic acid (NDGA): prevent oxidation of animal fats

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