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Types Of Lockers Being Used in School:

Types Of Lockers Being Used in School


School lockers have been a feature of educational establishments for many decades, helping to keep belongings safe and ensure that students aren’t carrying too many things in their bags. Nowadays, however, there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Lockers for schools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to consider how lockers will be used before you buy school lockers for students.

The Common Room:

The Common Room School common rooms typically include row after row of standard types of lockers, with one for every student. These need to be big enough to store belongings such as books and gadgets, but small enough that you can fit a locker in the room for each and every pupil. Whether you choose plastic lockers or metal lockers, you might also want to select a variety of different colours if you have different school houses or teams.


The Exam Hall Lockers You can guarantee that almost every school student is now carrying a mobile phone. Some pupils feel uncomfortable leaving their phones in their main locker when they’re not in the area, which is why small types of lockers (or personal effects lockers) make a valuable addition to any school hall or gymnasium. Students entering exam conditions can be asked to switch off their mobile phone and store it in a locker, where it’s comfortably in view but can’t cause disruption or be used for cheating.

Gym Lockers:

Gym Lockers You’ll want to provide separate types of lockers in gym changing rooms, so that pupils can store their clothes and valuables before participating in sport. Wet area lockers are ideal in poolside locations.


Post Lockers Allow students to deliver work outside of your usual class hours by installing post lockers. Students can drop their essays into your post locker where they’ll be secure until you’re ready to collect them.

Laptop Lockers:

Laptop Lockers Many schools now provide laptops for students to use during their lessons. Keep these secure when they’re not in use by installing laptop lockers in classrooms. Some laptop lockers feature integrated charging facilities so that laptops can be taken out with a full battery whenever they’re needed.


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