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MY FAMILY Hello, Children!! How are you? I am going to introduce you my family. ARE YOU READY?? Sarai de los Santos Pérez

This is my father:

This is my father Name: Homer J. Simpson Age: 36 Occupation: safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Children: 3. 2 daughters, Lisa and Maggie. 1 son, Bart. Wife: Marge Simpson

This is my mother:

This is my mother Name: Marge Simpson Age:35 Occupation:Housewife Children: 3. 2 daughters, Lisa and Maggie. 1 son, Bart. Husband: Homer J. Simpson

This is my brother:

This is my brother Name: Bart Simpson Age: 10 Occupation: student

This is my sister:

This is my sister Name: Maggie Simpson Age: 1

This is my Grandfather:

This is my Grandfather Name:Abraham Simpson Age: 87 Occupation: retired

This is my grandmother:

This is my grandmother Name: Jaquelinne Bouvier Age: 85 Occupation: retired

This is my dog:

This is my dog Name: Santa’s Little Helper

This is my Cat:

This is my Cat Name: Snowball V

That’s me:

That’s me Name: Lisa Simpson Age: 8 Occupation: Student

Now it is your turn:

Now it is your turn Can you introduce me to your family?

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