How to Drive Car Safely in Foggy Season

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How to Drive Car Safely in Foggy Season? :

How to Drive Car Safely in Foggy Season ?


FABRIKAM RESIDENCES Driving in foggy conditions can be very easy. Especially if you are caught on an unacquainted Country road or apparently deserted high street. If you have ever been driving through the thick fog, you will know this is almost impossible to see even some feet in front of the car. This can be scary, and you should always drive carefully through the fog. In this article, we will take you through good steps for driving in fog.


FABRIKAM RESIDENCES There are car accidents are scary accidents & single car accidents are no exception. Many single car accidents involve foggy weather conditions. When the single car accident happens, the driver can’t accept his mistake .Nothing can be done to avoid the accident. In this situation, you can save your car through Cheap Minicab Insurance that help to repair your vehicle from the damage. Save your vehicle with insurance


FABRIKAM RESIDENCES Defoggers in the rear-windshield are prepared in most of the cars nowadays. Once activated, this helps to wipe out any condensation which has formed due to the difference among ambient temperature & the cabin. For defogging the front windscreen, use the heater of the car & divert warm air towards the front side of windows. Keep a micro- fibre cloth handy to wipe any annoying traces that hampers vision with the windows. Use windshield defogger


FABRIKAM RESIDENCES The outside fog can really cause of condensation internally on your screen. This can happen without you noticing in foggy conditions so making a habit of turning your heater on during fog is perfect practice. There are lots of modern cars are equipped along with good heaters so make sure that you are familiar with how to clear your windscreen using the de-misting function will help you make sure that you don’t have condensation to further decrease your visibility. Use your heater of car


FABRIKAM RESIDENCES When one of your senses is removed or reduced, you must rely on your others to get by. In the case of thick fog, your sight will be reduced, and you will need to use your ears to listen for oncoming cars. Turn off your music and wind your window down at roundabouts and junctions to ensure you can hear any oncoming vehicles. When driving on the motorways this is useful to be able to hear overtaking vehicles you might not be able to see. Open your ears

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