The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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The PowerPoint describes the life cycle of a butterfly. It is an interactive way for students to learn and review.


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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly : 

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly By: Sarah Summey Quit

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Key Term: Metamorphosis (definition) Life Cycle Picture Egg / Ova Larva / Caterpillar Pupa / Chrysalis Butterfly Website Video About the Author Resources Quit

Key Term: Metamorphosis : 

Key Term: Metamorphosis Metamorphosis is a biological process used to develop after birth into an adult that has a significantly different physiology (body shape)! EXAMPLE:Butterflies do this! Quit

The Life Cycle : 

The Life Cycle Egg or Ova 2. Caterpillar or larva 3. Pupa or Chrysalis 4. Adult or Butterfly Quit

The Egg/Ova : 

The Egg/Ova Female butterflies lay as many eggs as possible so that even just a few may survive. The eggs a laid in a protected area (on stems, leaves etc) near food for the future caterpillar. The egg is usually a tiny, round, oval, or cylindrical object. Quit

The Larva/Caterpillar : 

The Larva/Caterpillar This is the long, worm-like stage of the butterfly. The caterpillar often has patterns of stripes or patches. This is the feeding and growth stage. As it grows, it sheds its skin four or more times so its rapidly growing body will fit, because it is almost always eating. Quit

The Pupa/Chrysalis : 

The Pupa/Chrysalis The chrysalis (or pupa) is the transformation stage. The caterpillar tissues are broken down and the adult insect's structures are formed. Many species overwinter in this stage. Meaning they stay in there until spring. This is where Metamorphosis takes place. Quit

The Butterfly : 

The Butterfly The adult is colorful butterfly. It is the reproductive and mobile stage for the species. The adults undergo courtship, mating, and egg-laying. The adult butterfly is also the stage that migrates or colonizes new habitats. Quit

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On this website we will watch the animated video on the life cycle of a butterfly. Click on the picture. It is at the top of the website. Just click play. Quit

Here is a Video on the (Monarch) Butterfly Life Cycle : 

Here is a Video on the (Monarch) Butterfly Life Cycle Quit

About the Author : 

About the Author My name is Sarah Summey. I’m from Sturgis, Michigan. I am attending Grand Valley State University to obtain my bachelors degree in Elementary Education as Language Arts major. Some day I hope to teach any grades K-3 in a very diverse setting. I have even considered teaching abroad…how fun would that be! If you have any questions or comments please email me. Quit

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Resources Images, video and information Quit

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