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The Hot Water Bottle gives that long lasting, sound sleep by keeping the feet warm and free of pain. Know More: http://sarahealthcare.com/hot-water-bottle.html


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Warm Up Chilly Cold Winters with Warm Bottles Chilly winters bring along with it not just fog and dry winds but also sore fingers joint pains and chilled feet that do not let anybody sleep. After a long hectic day a good night’s sleep is not just a need rather a right of every person. The Hot Water Bottle gives that long lasting sound sleep by keeping the feet warm and free of pain. The water bottle is not made of plastic but a latex rubber material that keeps the bottle hot for a longer period of time. Once the water is heated to boiling and poured in the latex bottle it retains the warm water and gently relaxes the sore muscles and swelled fingers. The water bottle is not just for keeping the feet warm but it has many uses such as:  It can be used when the stomach is upset as it relaxes the stomach muscles and swelled nerves as a result lowers the stomach pain due to stomach cramps or stomach infection.  The aching joints can be relaxed with the use of the bottle after a long run or heavy work out. Hence it is not just beneficial to the older generation also for gym enthusiast and sports person.  Relieves the extensive back pain and spinal injuries that aggravates due to change in weather.  It is also a good replacement to electric heater or electric bed sheet that not only helps in warming the bed sheet fast rather also helps in conserving energy. So now one can go easy on the electricity bills at least in winters.  The small size water bottle come handy when going for a walk or run errands in icy cold winters as it fits in the pockets and keeps the body warm.  It is one of the essential things to be packed while going to camp or hike to relax the aching feet and have a good night’s sleep in camps. The bottle is made up of high quality material and is durable in nature. As it is made up of rubber material it has resistance to high temperature and can

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tolerate hot fluids. The bottle is not very expensive and can be afforded by anybody even with their pocket money. It is available online at various portals and clients have vast option to choose from different shapes such as cylindrical or circular and different sizes ranging from small medium or large. It is also available in different colours specially customized for children and adults. The water bottle with its various uses and benefits is a high in demand product in winters to gently ooze the pain out of the system. Contact Us DSM 263 DLF Towers Shivaji Marg Moti Nagar Najafgarh Road New Delhi - 110 015 India Email: infosarahealthcare.com Web: www.sarahealthcare.com Telephone: +91-11-45621252-53-54 Customer Care No.:- +91- 9211500055

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