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jQuery development company in India - eTatvaSoft has experienced and professional developers to create effective web apps as per the requirement of clients.


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jQuery Development From JavaScript JQuery is a rapid and concise JavaScript library. It immensely streamlines programming offering condensed and very easy to use syntax. JQuery is a concise and rapid JavaScript library built by John Resig in 2006. His motto is nice: “Write less do more.“ It simplifies HTML document traversing animating event handling and Ajax interactions for fast web development. It is a cross-platform library that is designed to streamline the client-side HTML scripting. It is the most popular library of JavaScript in use these days with an installation of around 65 percent of the top 10 million highest-trafficked websites on the web. It is free open source and licensed under the MIT License. JQuery Development Becomes Blessing For Web Developers JQuery development has been a blessing for several website developers both experienced and newbie alike. It’s a library for JavaScript which immensely simplifies programming. It is offering very easy to use and condensed syntax to achieve apparently complex jobs with JavaScript. Using jQuery has various benefits over using other libraries for jQuery plugin development. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JS on a website.

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BENEFITS OF JQUERY JQuery makes using the DOM or document object model of a web page animating elements and Ajax execution extremely simple. It hides the complexity of the underlying JavaScript. There are several benefits of using jQuery for UI development rather than writing one’s own raw JavaScript or creating one’s own library.

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1. LEAN AND MEAN. JQuery is lean and mean. An apt way of describing the library. The minimized size of version 1.5 is only 83KB probably smaller than a single photo on a lot of websites. The browser only has to download and cache it only once for user across all the pages. When using a content delivery network the browser of the user could cache it across numerous websites instead of download it for each. jQuery packs plenty into a very small size. 2. SEAMLESSLY HANDLES CROSS BROWSER CONCERNS. JavaScript implementations vary among browsers to different degrees. Furthermore it could also cause a developer too severely and prematurely age to get everything working across browsers with JS. The authors of jQuery have done most of the work.

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3. USES SIMPLE POWERFUL AND CLEAN SYNTAX. This makes it easy to choose the DOM elements on a page one wants to change with JavaScript. It allows chaining effects and actions together for efficient code. It’s quite common to replace a dozen or so lines of JS with one line of jQuery code. It uses the CSS version 3 selector specification for choosing elements thus one need not learn a different syntax to use it. 4. HIGHLY EXTENSIBLE. The jQuery library core is kept focused and tight keeping out non-important features. Moreover it provides a plugin framework which makes it easy to extend jQuery and there are official jQuery plugins and thousands from third parties as well. Anytime one needs a feature that’s not included in the core jQuery library there’s a great chance that someone already has written a plugin that does what one needs. HOW TO USE JQUERY There are a couple of ways to use jQuery. A. Local Installation. One could download jQuery library on a local machine and then include it in the HTML code. B. CDN Based Version. One could include jQuery library into an HTML code directly from CDN or Content Delivery Network. PRINCIPLES OF DEVELOPING WITH JQUERY SEPARATION OF HTML AND JAVASCRIPT. The library offers a simple syntax to add event handlers to the DOM using JavaScript instead of adding HTML even attributes to call JS functions. So it encourages developers to separate completely the code from the HTML markup.

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ELIMINATION OF CROSS-BROWSER INCOMPATIBILITIES. The JS engines of various browsers vary slight thus JavaScript code which works for a single browser may not work for another. The same as other JavaScript toolkits jQuery handless all the cross-browser inconsistencies and offer a consistent interface which works across various browsers. EXTENSIBILITY. New elements events and methods could be added easily and then reused as a plugin. CLARITY AND BREVITY. JQuery promotes clarity and brevity with features that include shorthand function names and chainable functions.

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BUSINESS BENEFITS OF JQUERY 1. As an open source it does not only save on programming but does so at no cost as well. 2. It helps making a website much cleaner and more interactive with no extensive programming needed in jQuery development. Most clients were impressed with how smooth the entire site looks something that in the past could only be accomplished using ActionScript and Flash. 3. It enables software to do more at the client or browser end. This is useful particularly when opting to have web pages or screens that do some work before sending everything to a server. For a lot of websites this could improve significantly the response time of the pages making a site convenient and fast. 4. Enables reducing the amount of client side programming. In some instances there is almost 70 percent reduction in programming with this library. 5. JQuery works with all browsers and big software platform vendors like Nokia and Microsoft are incorporating this to their software development toolkits. Added benefit is that jQuery runs on most mobile as well as tablet browsers. It’s not surprising that many now do all the client side programming using jQuery. Contact information : Name : Rakesh Patel Company : eTatvaSoft Contact no. : +91-997-427-8220

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