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Fatigue Lyndsey Ruckman 7 th Period, Miller


Defintion Fatigue also known as the act of being tired is the “lack of energy and motivation (both physical and mental ).” When suffering from a SYMPTOM (it is not a disease) like muscle fatigue a person may also have symptoms of lack of breathe and muscle weakness as well. Though fatigue can be caused by some cases of depression and other health issues, “there is not an underlying physical illness that is the root cause .”

How it applies in Physical Fitness:

How it applies in Physical Fitness There may be lack of motivation or the ability to begin an activity; the person tires easily once the activity has begun; and the person has mental fatigue or difficulty with concentration and memory to start or complete an activity. Or cannot complete activities, period.

Facts about Fatigue:

Facts about Fatigue Most patients experiencing fatigue have trouble describing it. In about a third of patients that experience fatigue, the underlying cause is never found out. There are thousands of ways fatigue can be caused, but the most known reason is while participating in physical activities.


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